Written by Holly Madden, LeadHer Local Director. Connect with Holly on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

There have been way too many times that I have told God, “no.” Usually my “no’s” are not so simplistic, rather they look more like excuses. I am too young. I am too broken. There is someone more qualified than me. The list could go on and on…

The one thing that all of my excuses have in common is the word, “I.” If we each sat down and dissected the real issue behind our reluctance, it will almost always come down to a focus on ourselves.

But when God calls, He calls us to look beyond ourselves and to accept the opportunity to impact others. Our calling is really about what we can give to other people. It has nothing to do with us.

It may be pastoring new believers in church, teaching kindergartners how to read or administering life-giving medication to the sick in the hospital. It may be writing books that inspire, playing music that uplifts, providing transportation to those without it, or teaching the next generation how to lead. It may be speaking worth into clients over haircuts and manicures, counseling individuals through their diagnosis’ and life circumstances, or providing meals for the homeless or the hurting.

In one way or another, we are called to impact and change this world for Jesus. So when we tell God “no,” we are denying someone else the opportunity to experience the love of Christ through us.

Your actions matter.
Your words matter.
Your work matters.
Your prayers matter.

You are called to the kingdom. You are called to people. You are called. Please don’t say “no.”

I want you to think about the moments in your life that have made you the most proud: maybe it’s a graduation, the birth of a child, an acceptance of a new job, or maybe it’s a single act of service or word you gave. Now think about the impact of that moment on others: the people you have helped and inspired today because of your degree, the children who love Jesus because of your instruction, the changes you have seen your career make in people, in the city, or in the world, and the look on someone’s face when God used you to love them in the exact way they need to be loved.

God does not call you for you, He calls you for others. As our LeadHer Chapters worldwide are challenged to discover what reluctant responses have kept them from acting, I challenge you today to invite into the conversation the issue of the needs and hearts of others. You were created for a unique purpose to be a light to the people around you in a way that no one else can shine.  Don’t let anything hinder your “yes” to change the lives of the people around you. You were created for this.