Written by Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director or LeadHer. Connect with Christie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

This month our LeadHer Local chapters have been talking about the theme of Faith. Specifically, we talked about a concept called wrecking ball faith- how to identify and tear down the restrictions that we often put on our faith. Those places that we do not want to give God control over because they may be too hard or ask too much of us.

One of the places that I had to recognize that I restrict God is in the area of expectations.

 An expectation is defined as a strong belief that something will happen. 

As I pondered this truth this month I realized that by allowing expectations shape my thoughts, prayers, and ideas- I was putting more belief in something rather then someone.

During our recent trip to Seattle for LeadHer Live– I preached a message called “A Call to Courage” – a deep cry of my heart for us as women to be willing to step outside of restriction and follow God with boldness. The next day our team went sightseeing in the city and an opportunity presented itself for me to face one of my biggest fears.
As I sat inside the car of the Ferris Wheel and went around and around and around… five times (not the three that attendant had stated) I had a powerful moment with God.
The first and second time around I did not want to look around at all- I focused on a focal point on the door and not the beautiful cityscape stretching in front of me.
The third time around I got a little braver and shifted my gaze to the friends that were on the ride with me.
When it became clear that the ride was not going to stop at the end of the third revolution as I expected… I thought that perhaps God was trying to show me something. I uttered a short prayer silently to myself, God speak to me- show me what I need to see from this vantage point.

I looked out at the city and the water and suddenly was overwhelmed by the beauty of the view. My fear faded away, absorbed in a sense of awe and humility. I realized that moments ago I was fully satisfied with my limited view of the city that we had been touring. However, it was not until I saw it from a different, higher perspective that I would have otherwise missed out on that I realized how I limit myself and God. When I settle for what is safe, comfortable, or easy… I often miss out on what God wants reveal.  10404250_10205875276576819_213520185558057926_n

My mind came back to my personal struggle with expectations and I realized that each time I focus on my expectations… I often miss out on God’s intentions. I repented of this tendency on the top of the Seattle Ferris Wheel and prayed that God would continue to challenge me personally so that I can continue to challenge women through LeadHer to not box God in with our expectations, our fears, our wants or our comforts.

Church: When we pursue what is comfortable to us we often miss out on what God is calling us to do. 
Heights are not comfortable to me.
The mission field is not comfortable to some.
Giving of time and talents is not always comfortable for people.
Sharing our personal pain and private struggles are not comfortable things to do.
However, each time that we lay down our expectations of comfort and security we allow God to lovingly swing the wrecking ball of grace into our lives and make room to expand our faith and our obedience. Each time that he expands our hearts and our minds- he also expands the ways that he can and will use us to impact the world around us for Him!
What areas of your life do you need to face some fears, sacrifice some expectations, or surrender some comfort so that your faith has a chance to expand for His glory?

You can watch our full teaching video on Faith by clicking here.