Written by Holly Madden, Director of Chapter Development.


Worship. How would you define it? Is it a state of mind? An emotion? Or the title of songs that are sung in church services nationwide on Sunday morning. Worship has been put in a box to limit our engagement to a few days a week, and only when the service includes a drummer, a guitar player and the lights turned down.

Or maybe we have it wrong.

When worship is done right, when it comes from the heart and not just our lips, worship is a state of mind; a place of awe where reality suddenly disappears and we are able to rest in the goodness of that which we love. 

Worship is resting in the presence of God’s goodness. It is seeing, believing and acknowledging that He is God, He is good and He is all we need. But did you know that we were created to worship? We enter this state of worship more times than we realize.  Sports, concerts, food, TV shows, fitness, sex, video games, fashion and celebrities can capture our attention and steal our hearts from the God of the universe who designed us to worship Him.

We all need some kind of outlet. For some it’s food, for some it’s running, maybe it’s watching television or going fishing, and while it is not sinful to have an outlet, the sin comes when our outlet becomes the thing we worship.

So what if worshipping God became our outlet. What if at the moment of Satan’s attack, we got on our knees to pray and rest in God’s presence. What if after the stress of an overwhelming day, we put on worship music and go for a run or walk giving God space to become our strength. And what if when we cannot sleep because of the worry or fear, we pull out our Bibles and get lost in the stories of just how good God is. What if instead of turning to the things of this world, we simply turned to God. 

God gives us the privilege to enjoy life. We are allowed to get excited about the Super Bowl win, or our fastest 5k run, or the homemade chocolate cake we spent all afternoon baking. We are allowed to enjoy date nights at a concert, or watching our favorite television show with the family before bed each week. God loves that we love what He created for us to enjoy. But we cannot enjoy His creation at the expense of the creator.

My challenge to you today is to consider, what has your worship today?