Every month, it is our privilege to share incredible stories on our blog; stories of women who have experienced Jesus’ transformation in their lives and who have been inspired and impacted to live as leaders because of their LeadHer Local Chapter. But there are so many stories that go untold. So here are a few of their stories.

women+praying 2Recently, I met with a woman in her mid-fifties. Her kids are both grown and her time during the day is spent sewing, gardening and preparing meals for her household of two. She shared with me that through LeadHer, she has come to the realization that she is living without purpose. Until recently, her primary purpose in life was to raise her children, to love them, protect them, care for them and teach them to love the Lord. But now, they are grown, married, and raising kids of their own. God gifts us each with new purposes in our life as our seasons come and go.

She is now mentoring a young woman in her community that does not have a supportive mother figure in her life. The two now talk about life and faith a couple times a month. In finding her purpose, this LeadHer Local Member is changing a life, offering support and living as a light. We need to recognize that who we impact may change, but our ability to make an impact for the kingdom never will.

Another one of our regular LeadHer members shared her story with us this year- she is a survivor of domestic abuse and a hero to her son when she chose to walk away and make a better life for the both of them. She shared that  “I heard about LeadHer on the radio station one day and thought that it might be an interesting group to check out. I have a tendency to be reclusive because of what has happened to me but I came that day. LeadHer was a blessing and it has continued to bless me and my son every day since.”

LeadHer has given her hope, a safe place to be vulnerable, and has challenged her discussion 2to be a better mom as she learns to let God heal her wounded heart. Her Local Chapter not only loves her, but they have also taken on the task of loving her little boy. God often meets us in our brokenness to show us how loved we are. We don’t have to change our hurt in order to feel Him, we need to be willing to open up our heart and our hurt to Him first and then to others around us. God often uses other people to touch our hearts, to replace our loneliness and to help carry our burdens.

Connection and Purpose are two things that flow out of our LeadHer Local Chapters. Connecting women to their purpose, to others and to God is only the start to mend broken hearts, to inspire passion, and to motivate change.

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