When LeadHer Local Asheville NC launched, it was a chapter with a dual purpose. First, it was meant to grow and challenge the women in the local church that hosted this chapter. It was also meant to serve as an avenue for the local church to serve the community. Over the last two years, this chapter has grown and changed, but the vision has remained constant. This chapter is not focused inwardly on only reaching the women of their local church, rather they are focused outward on connecting with the women of their community.

LeadHer Local Asheville has shown a beautiful balance between a desire to really challenge the women within a single local church, with a deep rooted passion for becoming an active arm in serving and changing the community. This year, LeadHer Local Asheville is reaching out to a local university in an effort to extend love and to invite into community college-aged women. They are so passionate about this vision that they are adding an additional chapter meeting on the weekend to reach more women and transform more lives. Their passion to equip women across all generations as leaders is not only a vision of the chapter but also of the church.

Last fall, our LeadHer staff was able to visit Asheville on the Fall RoadTrip. Surrounded by over a dozen smiling women, we were beyond blessed with their powerful stories of freedom, healing, and experience of community that each chapter member shared. There was an intimate bond of sisterhood, a passion for the love and freedom that comes through the Gospel, and a shared vision to share both the Bible-based teachings and the community of LeadHer with women throughout the city.

As an organization, we believe fiercely in the design and purpose of The Church. Competitions between believers and organizations will only do greater damage. There is power in the unity of local churches, LeadHer Chapters, and other faith-based organizations. Together, we can make a difference in transforming the lives of people all around the world. LeadHer Local Asheville has been a wonderful example of this vision.

We invite you to watch LeadHer Local Asheville Coordinator, Shelly’s story.

If you would like to start a chapter in your church in your community, you can learn more on our Start a Chapter Page or you can search for a chapter near you on our Find a Chapter Page.