Top 10 Reasons to become a LeadHer Coordinator

LeadHer has taught us how to pray bold prayers.

LeadHer Local Coordinator, India

As a Coordinator, I am truly blessed to have the Coordinator Academy and the other leadership resources that are available to me!! This has been such a blessing to me! I love to learn and grow closer in my relationship with the Lord. Yes, it is a commitment and there is some homework. We’re all busy but taking an hour or two a week on something meaningful and memorable is definitely worth it. When you draw closer to God…He will draw closer to you!!

-Angel Shadrick
LeadHer Local Grapevine TX

LeadHer has helped me see God’s call on my life and has given me the platform, the tools, and the courage to step out in that call.

-April Gardner
LeadHer Local St. Tammany LA

I have seen the reward in being diligent to keep moving forward with something, of allowing yourself to be invested and vulnerable and trustworthy to keep showing up and being reliable to create that place for women to gather even through different seasons where you might not be “feeling it,” where others might not show up as much or at all for a while, etc. The fact that I have been purposely gathering women together is a God thing in itself – – – as I used to NOT be a fan of women due to issues with women being so hateful and catty, gossip, etc. I have come to LOVE gathering together with these ladies. And now over a year into it, remaining faithful with my commitment, seeing other women begin to see the value in LeadHer and wanting to get more involved and start new chapters is SO rewarding and exciting to see! I am SOOO thankful for the diligence the leadership of LeadHer has put in, and that they continue to put in, to make this available to so many women across the world and am incredibly grateful to be able to play a small part in that!

Cassie Bradley
Coordinator, Holden, MO Chapter

LeadHer has given me an opportunity to walk in my purpose, and a support system so that as a leader, I am never alone.

Andrea Campbell
LeadHer Local Nashville TN

My LeadHer Chapter is a family. We have women who are retired loving on and learning from young women in college. LeadHer is bringing women together of all different ages, denominations, and differences!

Kim Bausinger
LeadHer Local Carthage MO

Being a LeadHer coordinator has helped me to be more understanding and compassionate. It has also encouraged me to choose my words more carefully, because they carry more weight. 2016’s theme on Pray-pare has been good for me. Praying is not a strong suit for me, sadly. It is helping me to be more consistent.

Sherrilee Lewis
Coordinator, Niceville, FL

LeadHer has stretched me to become the teacher God has called me to be. It has given me an outlet for the passions for women He put in me!

Netta Gilchrist
LeadHer Local Marietta NC

LeadHer has increased my faith as God has called me into a leadership role this year. I always thought I was too shy to be a leader, but as I trusted God to help me, along with the support of my co-coordinator, I am growing into the person God is calling me to be—more confident, outward-focused, and leaning on Him daily.

Joanne Clements
Coordinator, Binghamton, NY Chapter

Our LeadHer chapter is something big God has done for our church.

Jackie Walton
LeadHer Local Fowlerville MI