Written by LeadHer Local Joplin Coordinator, Kim Bausinger. Connect with her chapter on Facebook.

a-diving-mask-and-snorkel-on-a-rock-near-the-sea-caspar-bensonTrusting God has been on my mind a lot lately. Christie was teaching about it. I’ve been chewing on it. I wanted to think about Peter when he got out of the boat and started walking toward Jesus. I wanted to think about how his faith got him out of the boat, but his trust was lacking to get him across the water.

I wanted to think about where I am at on that same journey. Well, maybe I didn’t. Not about whether I may be out of the boat, but how I am NOT trusting enough while out of the boat, and will soon need a snorkel.

Faith and trust are 2 different things. Faith is the beginning steps. That first moment when you’re in the huddle, at the beginning of the game. The coach asks who is gonna step up and win the game and you shout “I am!” Trust, on the other hand, is what kicks in about half way through the game of life, when you are behind, bloody, whooped. That moment when you dig deep and block out all the circumstances around you, refocus on Him, and keep going.

That was part of Peter’s trouble. He couldn’t get past his circumstances. He got out of the boat, but then came the storms, wind, and the distance to get to Jesus. It was too much for him. His trust to get through the hard part of the walk wasn’t there.

Now, before we condemn Peter for his short comings, let’s remember a few things.

Rowing boat in still waters

Rowing boat in still waters

1) He got out of the boat. He didn’t wait for the rest of the disciples, cause they didn’t even attempt it.

2) When he started sinking, he called out to the One who could save him. He DID NOT call to his buddies to save him, he still knew that that power was with Jesus.

It’s fairly easy to have faith and trust from an abstract conversation about it. If you ASK me if I have faith…of course. If you ASK if I trust God to meet my needs…absolutely. But are you seeing the proof? Is there fruit to back that up? Peter was smart enough to call out to Jesus to save him. And Jesus did. Wether you are afraid to get out of the boat, sinking to your chin, or just clinging to Jesus to save you, may your faith and trust grow more today than it did yesterday!

“But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.” (Matthew 14:30-31a NIV)