During the month of March, our LeadHer Local chapters have been talking about this month’s topic of Bold Prayers. We have been challenging women to not water down their prayers- and only ask for things that seem safe or easy. Rather we examined several bold prayers in scripture and discussed how do we apply these examples of boldness to our lives.

Bold prayers are the result of a bold faith.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we celebrated the risen Lord. There is no better bolder example of our faith then our faith in Jesus as our risen Lord. The tomb is empty! However, the empty tomb is not just a source of celebration once a year- it the source for the boldness of our prayers every day!

The vacancy of the tomb should fuel the boldness of our prayers.

Jesus defeated death and rose again! There is no greater reminder for us that there is NOTHING that God cannot do. When we make the resurrection the foundation of our prayers there is no prayer too bold to pray! 

When we pray for bold healing- we are praying to a God who healed Jesus from the wounds of Calvary.

When we pray for bold restoration- we are praying to a God who restored Jesus to life from death.

When we pray for bold provision- we are praying to a God who provided a way for us to have eternal life through Jesus’s resurrection.

Easter is not just a holiday we celebrate- it is a source of boldness for believers to connect to! 

I pray yesterday’s Easter’s observances were not just fleeting moments for you to worship God, connect with family, and celebrate. It is my deepest prayer that, as the church, we draw on this fresh reminder of the power of the cross- not as a reminder of past actions but as an invitation for present boldness! 

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead- is the same power that is available to us through the privilege of prayer! The resurrection power is embedded in our prayers– so we should not be afraid to be bold as we approach the throne of God with our requests, needs, and struggles.