Written by Kim Bausinger, LeadHer Local Coordinator, Carthage MO
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I had this vision.  I am at the beach.  The sun is hot on my skin, the day is warm.  It’s a good day in a good place.  You can see the waves slide up onto the sandy beach, making every imperfection smooth as the wave goes back out.  There are people out in the water.  They are happy and splashing.  They get pushed and pulled, but aren’t afraid, they are having fun. Water sprays as they play.  

Further out in the deeper water are some folks on surf boards.  They have gone through some swells, sometimes over, other times under, to get out to where they are.  Now they are waiting for the best wave, so they can paddle to the crest and surf.   

Everyone at the seashore is in the water.  Some just have their toes in, some are way out, where the water is over their heads.  Some have floaties, and some have surf boards. But everyone is touching the water in some capacity.  But, I stand alone on the shore.  Why is that? Why am I not in the water?

Some of you may guess that I am the lifeguard.  I sometimes feel like I am responsible to stand on the bank and make sure I have taken care of everyone else.  That I must be giving direction and in control, so others are safe to swim.  That as long as someone is assuring the swimmers that there is a lookout, they should go ahead an get in the water.

But what if the lifeguard couldn’t swim? Would you feel safe then? Because I know that this is a vision of how I have treated prayer in my life.  That I have been the one encouraging others to step up and dive into prayer.  That I have asked you to go to places that I am currently not following.  Christ is the water of the ocean that is giving all the participants a day of joy in His presence.  Some are just getting their toes dipped in, and are beginners.  Some are the ones that have gone over, under and through the swells, and are way out there doing amazing things with Him.  

Are you the inept lifeguard at this point too? Where you are praying for others, praying for your LeadHer ladies, but too afraid to sit there with just you and God?  I wonder why He’s not speaking into my life, then have to admit I am not getting into the water.  I’m too ok with being on the beach directing everyone else.  Sisters, I need to crawl to the water.  I need to put aside the fear that He is gonna ask me to do something big that I am not comfortable with, and trust that the water is good.  

When it comes to God, I need to remember that a lifeguard is not necessary.  That He is the absolute safest place I could be.  He chose me, He claims me as His child, and wants the absolute best for ME!!  So with a repentant heart, and some honest confession of my fears, I need to go sit on the sand, feel the pull of His tide to come, and listen to the waves of His presence as I sit quietly and we have a conversation about what He wants from me, for me, and where we are going.