Last month, LeadHer Local Chapters spent time discussing and praying over the topic of the Legacy of Prayer. We each leave behind a legacy, and our legacy has the potential to inspire change. Every single day our LeadHer Coordinator’s and their chapters are creating legacies that are changing lives and communities. Here is one of those stories: 

The LeadHer Local Chapter of Niceville Florida started 5 years ago when one woman in Florida connected with LeadHer, a brand new ministry in Southwest Missouri. Upon seeing and believing in the vision of LeadHer, Dianne and her co-coordinator, Monica, took a chance and brought LeadHer to Florida. Dianne and Monica’s “yes” has helped LeadHer expand and grow to reach women not only in states all over the nation but in countries all over the world.

Sherri, LeadHer Local Niceville’s current coordinator, stepped up a few years later when both Dianne and Monica felt called to pursue God into new seasons and new callings. In Jumpstart Training, Sherri voiced that while she struggled to see herself as a leader, she desired to be obedient to God in His calling. Although feeling unqualified, she bravely said Niceville’s second “yes.” These bold “yes’s” have become the legacy of this Chapter.

One of the callings we have as leaders is to raise up new leaders. We are called to a place of pouring into individuals who will continue the work we are doing or to take the work we are doing and take it elsewhere. Great leaders don’t see employees, members, or people that need leading, great leaders see leaders with which to empower, develop, and send off.

LeadHer Local Niceville Florida has inspired the launch of 2 other chapters in the Florida panhandle area with a third in training. Through other connections, they have played a critical role in chapters being launched on both the west coast and the east coast.

One of our favorite stories that has come out of this chapter, however, continues to be one of a sweet woman in her 80’s who shared with us that before LeadHer, she felt like her purpose was used up. She smiled as she shared that her chapter has renewed her sense of worth that she still has a purpose and that she still matters. As she shared her story, she radiated with passion and love that only comes from a lifetime spent in authentic relationship with Jesus. God is never finished with us or with our stories. Our legacies live long after we do. But too often, we give in to the lie that for some reason, be it age, circumstance, or physical ability, we begin to believe that we no longer matter.

Dianne, Monica, and Sherri’s legacy as LeadHer Coordinator’s has become one of bringing hope to chapter members, pouring into the women who serve passionately in other areas of ministry who crave a place to simply come, and allowing God to use their leadership to change the lives of women who have stopped believing that they matter. Each “yes” has set off a ripple effect that is inspiring yes’ that expand beyond the borders of their community. 

Our willingness to lead even when we feel more inept than qualified always inspires others to step into their callings and pursue their passion. Your small yes may seem insignificant but it can become a yes that inspires hundreds more.

If you are passionate about connecting with women of all ages, and empowering them to grow in their faith and leadership, I encourage you pray about starting a LeadHer Local Chapter in your community. You can connect with the LeadHer Local Niceville, Florida or you can learn more about how to bring a LeadHer Local Chapter to your area today!