By Hannah Cameron, LeadHer International Program Director

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Joining the LeadHer team as the new International Director has been exciting to say the least! What an opportunity God has so graciously given to me. I am overwhelmed at this opportunity to challenge women worldwide to grow in their faith and their leadership. However, I’d be lying if I said that excitement was the only emotion I feel. The verse that would sum up my feelings is, “To whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48). The Lord has given me much, and along with all He has given comes an intensely enormous sense of responsibility.

In the time leading up to coming on full time at LeadHer, I would have conversations with myself that sounded a lot like this:

What if no one wants a LeadHer chapter in their country?”

“What if no one reaches out to us?”

“What if no one responds when I reach out to them?”

“ Then what? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“So and so would be so much better suited for this job.”

“Oh no, I only speak English! How will we communicate with women who don’t speak our language and come from a polar opposite culture?”

I was filled with fears and had so many questions, but I knew God called me. So, I trusted Him to strengthen me in my weakness and continue to direct my steps. It’s only been a month since I stepped out into the unknown, and God has already been so faithful.

In just the first few days of opening up our international program, we have been able to reconnect with contacts from India and Kenya who had previously reached out to LeadHer about starting a chapter in their country but we had to temporarily “turn away” at the time. This month, we got to tell them, “We are ready for you now, if you still want us!”

Both of these contacts are still eager to bring LeadHer to their country and to put forth any work necessary to see that happen. I say “work”, because there are still a lot of kinks on the international side that just can’t be ironed out until we get our hands dirty and see what we’re even up against. There are obstacles that are unique and specific to each country, so we will take a unique approach to every country. This means our early international chapter coordinators will be helping us to develop and grow our international program, for other women that will come behind them.

Our contact in India can’t wait to see our program implemented there, as women make up most of their Christian population. These women are hungry for more of Jesus. They understand that He is not the god their culture teaches them to worship, and so they want to know more. They see themselves as the leaders they are in their faith and are stepping up to the responsibility even if it’s counterculture. The community in Kenya where we have made a connection is lacking a strong church presence. The churches that are there focus on the much needed ministry to orphans who are lacking education and basic needs. They tirelessly give of themselves, and we find ourselves asking, “How can we help to refill them, so they can continue to give themselves to the work which God has called them?”

We rejoice for these two countries, as we are in the beginning stages of conversations with them. Two contacts in two countries that only God could bring to us. If this is what God can do in a month, what can He do with more time, energy, and willingness? We rejoice, because we know eventually those two countries will multiply into more countries and continents. God is faithful. He didn’t require me to know everything. He knew I didn’t have connections to these parts of the world, but HE did. He cares about women in India. He cares about women in Kenya. He simply asked if I was willing and connected us.

Untitled image (1)I am glad that I said “yes” to God. It was not and will not be easy- but I am eager to see where my “yes” will take me and LeadHer in the future.

Each time we say “yes” to God, it literally has the power to change the world. Do you realize that? If He’s asking something of you, do yourself a favor, and say yes. He will amaze you with the pieces He’s orchestrated for you to connect and the torch He’s crafted for you to carry.


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