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This time of year, goals are being made for the new year. Goals to get healthy, for financial stability, career or school accomplishments, family vacations, or spiritual disciplines. Goals can often be divided into two categories, goals we pursue to better ourselves and the goals we pursue to help others. We cannot help others without making our own health and spiritual life a priority. But what if in 2016, we made a goal to change the world?

J.I. Packer said in his book, Knowing God, “We are modern people, and modern people, though they cherish great thoughts of themselves, have as a rule small thoughts of God.” We limit God most when we limit the work He is capable of doing through us.

To change the world is a goal that none of us will ever be able to achieve. Yet, it is a goal that has been given to the Body of Christ. We cannot deny the part we are called to play.

LeadHer Chapters have played a part in changing the lives of women all over the nation, and starting with the launch of our International program at the end of this year, LeadHer Chapters strive to change the lives of women for Christ all over the world in 2016. How is this changing the world? Changing the world starts with changing one community and one community being changed starts with changing the life of one individual. It starts with changing the life of one man or one woman.

Our LeadHer Coordinators did not step up to lead because they fit a perfect list of qualifications. Our Coordinators are women of all ages who simply saw a need and felt called to do their part in changing the world for Christ.

Are you passionate about seeing women live the life God has called them to live? Are you passionate about seeing change start in your community? We challenge you to pray about giving the gift of a LeadHer Chapter to your community.

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What it takes to start a Chapter

  1. Fill out the online Application
  2. Two Online References
  3. Jumpstart Training – This program takes 1-3 months to complete and uses a series of conference calls and training videos. Training is adapted to the busy schedules of work, school and parenting and the purpose is to equip future coordinators with the tools and resources they will need to launch and lead their chapter.

Visit our Start a Chapter page to learn more about starting a chapter or email