Written by Holly Kurtz, LeadHer Director of Chapter Development  (Connect with Holly on FacebookInstagram or Twitter)

prayWhat has become one of my favorite times of the month is the very last week when our National Team begins receiving the reports from our local chapters about how their monthly meetings went. While yes, we do track chapter size, the stories we receive from the month are of more value than any size or standard. It’s the proof that God is using us change lives. 

Last month, one of our LeadHers shared with us how being able to differentiate between her reactions and responses had changed everything for her. She found herself stopping, stepping away and praying before she spoke and acted. The message made her realize that her reactions had been the cause of hurt and distance in many of her relationships. Suddenly, her world was radically altered and in a lightbulb moment, she found herself not only living with intention but also speaking with intention.

We love these lightbulb moments because nothing short of captivating will motivate us to change. We need a message or a conviction that will move us to a living that looks more like Christ. That is the ultimate goal. Mark Batterson once said, “you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” The thought behind this is that when we are so focused on Christ, our hearts will look like His, a heart tuned to give. We give our time, our love, our advice, our encouragement, our talents and our money. We have so much to offer that it is a wonder why we so often feel like we have nothing to give. So what if we transformed our hearts to become hearts that react to need by giving. The Compassion Reaction.

What if our first thought when met with a need was, “how can I help?” It may be writing a check, sharing a story, or connecting one person to another. Maybe it’s simply listening, offering time, or a helping hand. Or maybe it’s offering prayer.

How many times are you met with the opportunity to pray hard for someone? Even more powerful, how many times are you met with the opportunity to pray hard with someone? 

As we enter into a new theme, one about prayer and the power we are given through prayer, keep this thought with you this month. Prayer is a gift for you to give others. Do not let a need pass you by without taking the time and the compassion to give it to God. Allow prayer to become your first reaction to the world around. Let prayer not only transform your relationship with God, but allow it to transform you relationship with others.

And remember, you are being prayed for this month.