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Recently I had the pleasure of driving across the western part of the country. We drove a moving truck from Springfield, MO to Tucson, AZ. I have never been much west of Dallas, Oklahoma City, or Denver. Let me just say, New Mexico has absolutely taken my breath away. Mountains, white sand dunes, vineyards, pecan groves with the trees lined up in row after row. I was super excited to see if Arizona is as beautiful.

As we have drove, I noticed the amazing colors in the earth. Places where they have cut cliffs into the hillside to make room for the highway. The interworking of yellow, grey, brown and red dirt and rocks. My camera is full of picture after picture. What made the earth such different colors? What changed to make the different layers necessary? How can they all mix in such harmony?

As I looked at the rocks and soil, I got to thinking about the make up of LeadHer women around the world. That there are different women of different ethnicities, and how we can all be mixed together in harmony too. This is one of the grounding principles of LeadHer. Its open to women of any age, race or walk of life.

As the miles on the odometer have rolled on, I prayed over the safety of our international chapters. I also praised God for their sense of urgency to share about Jesus, and about LeadHer. Their stories of outreach make my heart sing, and my eyes shiny all at the same time. We got an apology email last week from our coordinator in Kenya, apologizing for being out of contact for a few days. The reason behind her absence was that she was out traveling on her new bike to area villages, sharing Jesus and LeadHer.  Her bike had been funded as a gift from a sister chapter here in the United States. This brings to truth the fact that it is work to spread the Gospel.

I have also been praying about the isolated cultures in the United States that we have yet to reach. The cultures that have a large immigrant population, along with ethnic and language barriers, or inner city communities where we have yet to be shared. How do we reach out to those groups? Where Jesus is loved just as much, but our words and differences make it difficult to celebrate together. How we can tap into what unites us, and hurdle the things that divide.

We serve a God that can knit rocks and soil together to make a mountain, culture is nothing to Him. We just need to keep listening, keep praying, and keep looking for openings. If you want to find out more, or how you can help us make some connections, email me at kim@leadher.org. I would love to chat!