Target 20December 2014 marks an important month for LeadHer. It is the deadline to one of our God-sized goal. Every so often, our LeadHer team takes time to step back, evaluate our situations both professionally and personally, and devote our actions and motives in this ministry to prayer. August of this year was one of those times and we arrived at some ambitious but faith-filled decisions. We know that God is calling us to grow. And we believe that by the end of 2014, our 10 chapters nationwide will triple. That means we need to plant 20 new chapters. So we claimed this number and called this mission, Target 20.

Our heart and mission is never to be about the statistics and numbers because our passion is for the women involved and the communities those women impact. One life changed is reason enough to pursue God’s purpose and will for this ministry. Why? Because every life matters. Every individual is precious and uniquely purposed by God. Every life is redeemable and worthy of transformation through the grace of God.

You matter. 

Maybe you have a voice that is not often heard. A passion but no outlet to pour it out on. A desire for connection but no reason to pursue fellowship outside the busy schedule. Whatever your reason, you are a leader who is called to live and love with selfless ambition and intention. To become a LeadHer coordinator is not about a decorated resume, the possession of effective leadership skills or a position in ministry or church leadership. It’s about passion. 

What it takes to be a LeadHer Local Coordinator…
1. Passion; to encourage and equip women as leaders to impact their families, churches, businesses, schools and churches.
2. Faith; that God can do the impossible in us and through us.
3. Time; the ability to commit to roughly 10-12 hours a month.
4. Willingness; to take the risk and say yes.

It starts with ONE woman. 

LeadHer Coordinators are trained, mentored and equipped as leaders from day one. So there is never an expectation that leadership is learned alone or carried out alone. Another one of our God goals is to have a chapter within driving distance of every woman in America. Our heart is to be as available for any one woman as we are needed. Is God stirring your heart to start a chapter in your community? Or maybe He has brought someone else to mind. Find out more about Starting a LeadHer Chapter.  

Be 1 one our 20.