LeadHer is experiencing explosive growth worldwide as more and more women are starting chapters in their local communities. Each of these LeadHer Local chapters is focused on encouraging women to develop deeper faith in God, discover a clearer vision for the calling that he has placed on their lives, and be more equipped to be the LeadHer that God has created them to be! 

Since the start of LeadHer, our chapters have always been FREE for women to start and free for women to join. In 2017 we are focused on ensuring that we are able to keep that blessing in place for women of all ages in all corners of the globe. 

We call our LeadHer Monthly Supporters- LeadHer Legacy Partners because their gift each month helps us to shape the legacies of our women worldwide.

We are praying for 111 new monthly supporters that would be willing to come beside our organization at $30 or more a month in 2017. Each of these new partners would be:

  • Helping to start new LeadHer Local chapters in countries and states where we do not yet have any, 
  • Equipping Chapter Coordinators around the globe. 
  • Spreading the Gospel into the lives of women who will often share it with their friends and family. 
  • Activating women globally to serve their churches, communities, workplaces, schools, and families in new and more intentional ways. 
  • Encouraging women everywhere to know that they matter. 
  • Partnering with us to keep our LeadHer Local chapter free for women everywhere to participate in- so that nothing will ever stand between any woman and her ability to grow in her faith and develop in her leadership. 

Would you be one of the new 111 monthly supporters we are praying for in 2017?

If you are not able to participate in the 1-1-1 campaign this year, there are several other ways that you can support the LeadHer movement:


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