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God designed women with a deep need to connect with others through relationships. However, as women we often accept cultural and personal limitations on our callings and on God’s desire to use our relationships, our gifts, and our passions for his purposes. LeadHer believes that all women have the potential to influence, affect, and unite the world for God’s glory.

The culture and teaching of LeadHer challenges women to reach out to those in their communities, to share their stories, and to use their influence to affect others. It would go against our very nature to only look for opportunities inside our little bubble and never direct our gaze to our neighbors around the world. At LeadHer, we have a global vision. We believe that all women, no matter what corner of the world they’re in, are leaders. We are committed to helping them recognize that calling and motivating them to step into their kingdom identity. We know that women who are confident in who they are created to be have the power to change the world around them for Christ.

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LeadHer chapters and programs strive to grow women in their faith, their leadership, and their willingness to authentically connect with others and strive to meet the needs of the world around them.

Our LeadHer Local chapters are the foundation of our ministry. Chapter members gather twice a month with other women of different backgrounds, ages, walks of life, and denominations to discuss topics that challenge them to grow in their faith and inspire them to walk out their leadership. We believe that being intentional in coming together to fellowship in our diversity causes us to gain perspectives that produce personal growth and creates community. At this time, our teaching videos are only offered in English, but we are more than willing to collaborate with you on other alternatives as we continue to develop our international program (an option is a printable study in your language if English isn’t the spoken language of your chapter members).

Do you still have questions about starting a LeadHer Local chapter? Fill out this short form, and someone from our team will contact you soon with more information!

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