DFW SBS 2 2005During the month of March, our LeadHer Local Chapters discussed the topic of service; with the challenge as leaders, to seek the shadows instead of the spotlight.

For the month of March, every one of our 25 chapters around the country participated in a nation wide service project called Spring Break Serve. Chapters chose a day and a way to serve in their community. They each had an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to bring light and life to their surrounding world through their service. The stories that came out of this month have been powerful: communities were impacted, individuals experienced the love of Jesus and those serving were blessed by those they served.

  • Two of our Seattle chapters Bothell SBS 2014joined together to venture out on the streets, handing out tuna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless. The homeless in turn taught them how to open a can without a can opener!
  • LeadHer Local NW Atlanta spent time organizing and cleaning a local food pantry. Claudia, the Coordinator of the chapter made the comment, “we had a great time being able to serve our community!”
  • Two of our chapters in Missouri,  Springfield and Holden both Springfield N SBS 2015visited domestic violence shelters; cooking and serving meals for the women and their children. LeadHer Local Holden was able to simply spend some quality time with the ladies by watching a movie. Cassie, our Coordinator in Holden shared that “Laughing together really does seem to bring walls down. We were able to enjoy a much more natural feeling visiting time with the ladies after the DVD was over. By the end of it, it definitely seemed like a whole different atmosphere.”
  • A LeadHer chapter in Niceville, Florida partnered with a local restaurant to raise money to help the homeless. Their chapter alone was able to raise over 100 dollars!
  • LeadHer EastvaEastvale SBS 2015le Coordinator, Desiree took her young daughter and together held a bake sale for a family that was struggling with major health problems. We love seeing our little LeadHers be a light for Jesus! Desiree shared that this experience was “a blessing for them to serve this family.”
  • LeadHer Local Fowlerville, Michigan brought care packages to a church that provides shelter and food for people in need- victims of domestic violence or abuse, struggling drug addicts, and the homeless. Jackie, the coordinator for that chapter shared that “We were able to take care packages to them and see and hear how their hearts and minds have changed. It was truly an emotional day with tears and joy and to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Our LeadHer Chapter in Texas spent time at Grace, a donation center for clothes and household items that recently suffered from DFW SBS 3 2015a fire that caused significant damage and loss. Not only were they able to bless the organization, but had the opportunity to pray with and love on some individuals who needed to know that Jesus loves them.
  • LeadHer Local St. Tammany spent their Spring Break Serve at a crisis pregnancy center, cleaning the center and serving the people who work hard to serve so many hurting women in their community.
  • Springfield Central participated in a resource fair in which single Springfield Central SBS 2015moms and low income families could come, be served dinner, hear a powerful message and receive the support and help from over 30 different organizations.
  • LeadHer Joplin, Missouri spent time preparing freezer meals for 3 different families that were struggling with illness. Kim, one of the coordinators for that chapter shared that one of the meals went to a widow who was a single mother of 3. She shared that “She was in awe that people that didn’t know her would spend their time and money and energy doing something for someone they didn’t even know. The 2nd family was one of our own LeadHer sisters. They have been abundantly giving of their time and resources to help a family member that was sick and in the hospital, while fighting sickness in their own home. She was blown away that we would do this for her, and was immediately ready to give her meals away to somebody that might need them more. This is what LeadHer is, and this is what LeadHers do, in the name of Christ!!”

Bothell SBS 2015Serving others does not  only have to look like an organized service project once a year. Whether it’s helping someone in need in the community, volunteering for an organization that helps to better the community, or serving the members of your own family, the families in your neighborhood or coworkers, service should be the language with which we share the love of Jesus. It is a privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus and everyone has the ability to impact their community for Christ!

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