Service Project Ideas

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 Service Project Ideas 

1. $1 Difference
Invite each of your members to bring a dollar to their second meeting. Once everyone has arrived, divide them into groups and give them 30-40 minutes to drive around and find a way to meet a need in their community using their combined dollar gifts. Upon everyone’s return, have them share their experience.

2. Manicures
This idea is thanks to our amazing St. Tammany Chapter. Invite your members to carpool or meet at a local nursing home or assisted living home and spend some time doing manicures and loving on the residents.

3. Pregnancy Center Care Boxes
When client’s of the pregnancy centers have their babies, they are given a gift basket full of baby things. Contact your local pregnancy center and schedule a day to make these baskets up for the local women.

4. Adopt a family for Christmas
 Whether it’s through a church, a Pregnancy Center or other organization, or just someone you have identified in your chapter who is in need, invite your members to buy Christmas presents and love on that family for Christmas. You can host a Christmas party to give them the gifts.

5. Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes every year that are filled with Christmas gifts for children in third world countries. Invite your chapter members to bring some items and make up the shoe boxes together at a second meeting! visit for more information.

6. Care Packages for the Homeless
During a second meeting, encourage members to bring items like socks, gloves, granola bars, hand sanitizer, toiletries, water bottles and other snacks and assemble the bags together. You could have your members write encouraging messages to put them in the bags and then together as a chapter hand them out.

7. Host a Parent’s Night Out
  As a chapter, offer to watch children for a night for local church members and community members to have a date night. Use this time to love on the kids, and to invite their moms to LeadHer.

8. Partner with a Local Domestic Violence Shelter
Domestic Violence Shelter’s are always in need of volunteers in one way or another. Find one in your area and see how your chapter could be of service!

9. A Day of Service
Maybe you know of someone in your local chapter, church or community who may have some house projects that they need help with. Spend a day loving on an elderly couple, a single mom, or a family dealing with chronic illness to meet their needs and encourage them.

10. Cups of Blessings
During a second chapter meeting, make hot chocolate in a drink dispenser during the winter or bring chilled water bottles in coolers and drive around town giving out cups of blessing to anyone you see!