Written by Holly Kurtz, LeadHer Director of Chapter Development  (Connect with Holly on FacebookInstagram or Twitter)

Several weeks ago, I was at church talking with two of my fellow LeadHers. One, a college freshman, and the other, several years older than me. We perfectly fell into three different walks of life, age brackets and backgrounds. But what stood out to me most was the common struggle of self esteem. We all found a single detail about ourselves to complain about; a couple extra pounds gained over the summer, an injury preventing the ability to run, and age.

Far too often, we single ourselves out from a specific group, all too quickly identifying that we do not have enough in common to connect. We see differences rather than similarities. We deny ourselves the opportunity to develop a friendship because we have been immersed in a society that has given us an outline of where we fit in.

But here’s the truth: Our differences unite us more than they separate us.

tetrisWe believe that it is in these differences that relationships thrive. A variety of life experiences, struggles, victories, futures, dreams, careers and callings create an environment of insight, encouragement, mentorship and connection. I do not need to understand the joy of being a mom to celebrate in the birth of a new baby, or sympathize with another over the financial burden of divorce even though I myself have not walked that journey. We were made to do life together, not to play tetris with relationships to find where we best fit. That is one of the things that sets LeadHer apart.

As we talk about the difference between reactions and responses in our chapters this month, I have realized that as women, we so often see the need for connection, mentoring, discipleship and relationships. We see women longing for a place to grow in their faith at the same time they are being loved on and have the opportunity to love on those they do life with. We see the need. But our reaction is that they assume that someone else is better qualified to meet that need.

But seeing the need is qualification. 

Our response should first be prayer- Jesus, what can I do to help? And then it should be action.

If there is not a LeadHer chapter in your community, I challenge you to go to your knees and I dare you to ask the question, Tell me what to do, and I will do it. Our heartbeat is to encourage and equip women to see themselves as leaders and to impact this world, their community, their family, their church through Christ; but it starts when one woman recognizes that she is a leader and moves.

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