Recommended Resources

Dear Coordinator,

There are so many amazing resources out there to grow your leadership abilities- sometimes it is hard to sift through them all! Here are a few various kind of resources that I recommend to you- many are ones that I use personally on a regular basis in my own life.  I hope they are of assistance to you!


  • GLS Next: This is an app that the Willow Creek Leadership Summit has put out that shares short clips as well as full length messages from their speakers and experts. Videos cover a wide variety of leadership topics and are easy to search by topic. I challenge myself to watch one each week (at least).



  • Twitter: I get a great deal of leadership insight as well as links, articles, and studies from those that I follow on Twitter. I encourage you to check out my Fav Followers list on Twitter to follow some of the people who I respect and enjoy learning from.


  • Books: I love to read! You can see the books that I am currently reading and past books that I have read as well as my thoughts about them on my Shefari bookshelf below, I invite you to connect with me here to stay connected with great titles that I love!
  • Blogs: I follow a lot of blogs that I read on a regular basis for insight and wisdom on the issues surrounding leadership, The Church, ministry, our culture, and more.