Written by: Christie Love

LeadHer Founder, Executive Director

This month our LeadHer Local chapters have been talking about The Choice to Seek as part of our 2017 theme on The Lifestyle of a LeadHer. All year, we are exploring ten various choices that enable us to live and lead with lifestyle of worship. It has been a challenging conversation as women have been encouraged to see worship as more than an activity to participate in but rather a foundation to intentionally cultivate in their lives.

This month’s topic on choosing to seek God is CRITICAL. If we are serious about worshiping God then we must be serious about seeking God. Nothing will undermine a heart of worship more than a refusal to seek God with an area or issue that we are facing in our lives… no matter how big or small.

I talk to believers all the time who will say to me, “I don’t want to bother God with my little problems. I can take care of this myself and I know he has so many other things to worry about.”

If those words have ever come out of your mouth- allow me to challenge you… this is a ploy that the enemy whispers into you; an untruth, with the goal of putting distance between your need and God’s ability. In the soil of this lie, pride and self-sufficiency begins to take root.

You need to know that:

God cares about you.

God cares about your needs in all sizes.

God cares about your hurts in all shapes.

God cares about your fears in all forms.

God cares about your relationships in all areas.

God cares about problems in all scopes.

Don’t resist the holy tug to go to God- you were designed for relationship with him.

In the context of our earthly relationships, we seek to know the other person fully, we seek to share ourselves with the other person completely, and we seek to share our lives with one another freely.

That is the kind of relationship that your Heavenly Father wants with you. He longs for you to seek him out constantly and involve him in all areas of your life.

If you are weary- seek God for strength.

If you are attacked- seek God for defense.

If you are worried- seek God for peace.

If you are fearful- seek God for reassurance.

If you are lonely- seek God for companionship.

If you are broken- seek God for restoration.

If you are addicted- seek God for freedom.

If you are questioned- seek God for confirmation.

If you are abandoned- seek God for rescue.

If you are needy- seek God for provision.

If you are exhausted- seek God for renewal.

If you are unsure- seek God for direction.

If you are concerned- seek God for clarity.

If you are grieving- seek God for comfort.

If you are depressed- seek God for hope.

If you are hurting-seek God for healing.

The ability to seek God and connect with him at any time is one of the greatest privileges of the Christian faith. A gift made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a powerful reminder that, as believers, we can approach the living God at anytime, anywhere, with any need.

As we turn the calendar past Easter weekend, do not let this season go by without taking time to ponder and praise God for the open invitation to seek him and have relationship with him.

Choosing to seek God, no matter your circumstances or your emotions is one of the purest and most profound acts of worship that we can engage in here on earth. Our willingness to seek God’s wisdom in decisions, seek his direction for our lives, and seek his vision for our leadership is one of the most profound ways that unleash the power of eternity into the context of our humanity.

Pursue him today.

Let nothing stand in your way.

Keep nothing between your heart and his.

Worship him by choosing to seek Him.

Today and every day.