By Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer

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In this month’s LeadHer Local teaching video- we are diving deep into this month’s theme of Being a Prayer Warrior. In the video, I talk about the importance of being women who pray not from a place of routine or obligation but from a place of passion. Routine based prayers often feel like stale, cold repetitions of lists; however relationship based prayers are often conversations between a person passionate about God and the God of the universe who is passionate about His people.

passionPassion is a word that some of us struggle to define. So allow me to offer this definition that I found in the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “Passion is a strong feeling that causes you to act in a dangerous way.” I want to challenge you to apply that definition to your discussions about prayer this month.

Many times as believers, we are praying “safe prayers”. We are asking God to keep us safe, keep our kids safe, protect those that we love, watch over us, guide us, keep us from danger, etc… Stop and consider for a moment… where in scripture are we called to be safe or play it safe or pursue safety as our top priority?

We are called to be believers of action- that “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19 ESV)  If God wanted His people to play it safe… he wouldn’t have called us to go… he would have commanded us to sit and wait for his return. However, that is NOT what he did. He commanded us to GO and SHARE and TELL and BAPTIZE in ALL the nations. That is not a call to safety- that is a call to passion!

I have a burden and a heartbreak when I talk to believers- men and women- young and old- that WAY TOO MANY Christians are praying prayers of fear. We are uttering statements like, “God protect me from acting in a way that may be dangerous… Lord send someone else.” When we should be praying, “God protect me while I act to fulfill your dangerous call to reach the world… Lord send me!”

So many of us say that we are passionate about God- His ways- and His people. Our prayer life is the temperature gauge pf our authentic passion for God. We can’t claim passion in public if we are not praying passionately in private. To AUTHENTICALLY walk with God- you need to spend some time pondering the question… Am I praying prayers that will prompt me to act in a dangerous way- to move out of my comfort zone- to overcome my fears? 

How different homes, businesses, neighborhoods, communities, and churches will look when Christians can honestly answer yes to having a passionate commitment to prayer and to God. I pray for a day when The Church makes passionate living not safety and security their goal and primary pursuit! It is my deep and sincere hope that our LeadHer Local chapters challenge women to live in this way and they in turn challenge those in their circles of influence to do the same.