Written by Holly Kurtz, LeadHer Director of Chapter Development  (Connect with Holly on Facebook or Twitter)

As our chapters all over the nation dive into the topic of Purpose in Pain, God has placed the word ownership on my heart. The reality is that we often perceive our pain in one of two extremes, we own it- choosing to feel the weight of the responsibility, shame, fear and guilt. Or we reject ownership- we play the victim.

What we choose to do with our purpose is also a choice we must make on a scale of extremes. We can choose to fear our pain so much that we fear it’s purpose and instead, choose to bury it and forever leave it behind. Or, we can choose to release it all and give God the responsibility of healing the pain, redeeming our hearts, and owning our pain to be used for His glory.

Where my heart is heavy today is on that last piece. We are called to own certain things in our lives, our sins before our confession, our calling, and our hope. We are not called to own the horrible things that have happened to us or the sinful things we have done post-forgiveness. Therefore, the shame, the guilt, the fear, and the regret are no longer yours to feel.

Instead you are called to own these truths:

You are…

When God reveals to you those moments when He wants to use the painful pieces of your story-past or current, it is vital that you remember this. Freedom is a choice. So own your freedom, own your purpose- and if you do not yet know the purpose for your pain, then own the hope and faith that someday God will use it.

Cling to hope. Cling to faith. And cling to the freedom that is already yours.