I came to the Niceville LeadHer chapter, September, 2013. My friend, Linda invited me. My husband and I had been separated for two months. I was going through a really tough time and the minute I stepped in that room, I knew God had ordained this step that I was on. Everyone was so friendly and welcomed me. As women shared their stories, I felt that I was not alone.

There are no limits to what God was doing through these women! I was so thankful, to hear Christie’s teachings each month, I couldn’t wait to go to a LeadHer meeting! The real sisterhood of women there was reviving, empowering and championing me and one another. During the weekend of the LeadHer Niceville Conference, I found my purpose: My purpose was to be the wife, mother and homeschool teacher to my daughters, even when it is so hard and will take me trusting God for everything I needed to accomplish what I need to do. I moved back in with my husband the end of Feb. 2014. I was so scared, (because this was the fourth time) but God opened my eyes to His perspective, a glimpse of His plan and the courage to trust Him.

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I sit here weeping of how far I have come, in the past year, in God’s story that He is writing in my life. The beauty, from the ashes has humbled me, to be all that God has called me to do. God used Holly, at the conference, to help me share my story, I’m forever grateful for her! I missed several meetings the last four months, but I’m back. I just finished watching all the teachings of Christie’s that I missed and I’m in Awe of everything that I learned. I’m asking God to make sure that I never miss another one. The August meeting on Purpose in Pain is exactly what I needed. I’m praying that I can encourage other women, especially in the areas where I suffered; using my pain to help others!

I pray that some day, I can share my life story with women and encourage them!!!!! No one is hopeless and nothing is beyond Jesus’ grasp. I have proof-my life in Christ Jesus! It is a miracle! It’s about what God can do, what He did do, what He wants to do, what He will do. I just want God’s glory to be displayed through each circumstance in my life that has brought me into this wonderful relationship that we have! I don’t know that there are ever sweeter words the Lord hears than when we say, “Lord, I can’t handle this. I need You.” God has changed me through every circumstance of my life! Praising Him for that!