Our History

In 2011, LeadHer was launched out of a home office in the small town of Buffalo, Missouri. What began as a vision to launch local chapters in Southwest Missouri quickly turned into the reality that LeadHer was purposed to impact the world.

Founder and Executive Director, Christie Love was first given the vision for LeadHer in 2007. A newly single mother with 3 children under the age of 5, she felt far from qualified to lead a ministry for women. It was at a weekend conference for women that God placed the burden and the call on her life.  As she sat in the audience, she could not help but think how the “spiritual high” she was experiencing was going to quickly fade when she returned home to her children, cooking, and dirty laundry that all demanded her attention and energy.  Wishing there was a way to bottle the energy and encouragement of that weekend for continual use, Christie began to realize that not only did she need LeadHer, but women all over the world needed LeadHer.

SGF 2012When she returned home, Christie began researching to see if a program existed that united women of faith together from different ages, church affiliations, and professions.  She could not find a program. So Christie began to pray that God would give someone who was qualified and experienced in ministry this same idea so that she could get involved.  After several years of praying that prayer, Christie began to realize He wasn’t going to give it to someone else because He had entrusted her with it. Overwhelmed by how unqualified she felt, she heard God begin to speak to her, “I am not calling you because you are qualified– I am qualifying you because you are called.”


In 2010, Christie quit her job to be “all in” for God and in 2011, LeadHer was officially launched. Over the next 4 years, LeadHer would grow to unite women in LeadHer Local Chapters from coast to coast. God would bring like-minded women alongside her who were impacted by LeadHer and shared in seeing the vision expanded. By 2015, 27 chapters were impacting their communities all over America and in n the Fall of 2015, LeadHer officially launched the International Program.

_MG_5584Today, LeadHer Local Chapters bring women of all ages, denominations, ethnicities and backgrounds together, growing and challenging them in their faith and leadership. Women worldwide are embracing their leadership calling and stewarding their influence to impact the world around them for Christ. LeadHer Live Events bring chapter members together in a specific region once a year. These are FREE, one night gatherings that bring together LeadHer Local Chapters, members, and women in their community. This is a night that we spend in worship, prayer, connection, and challenging women to grow in their faith and leadership.

As God continues to grow LeadHer, our team continues to pursue God in humble obedience. God has proven that building a passionate, dedicated, team and establishing effective training and development is essential to laying the foundation for our God-sized dreams to become a reality.

We are a young ministry with a strong passion to make an eternal impact on this world. We look forward to the future with confident expectation at the powerful history we believe God will continue to write through LeadHer!

LeadHer Live Event 2015 Photo credit: Chris Greig Photography