When we started LeadHer in 2011 we knew early on that it was important to keep our local chapters free for women to start and for women to join them. Our commitment to this has allowed us to impact hundreds of women from coast to coast in more than 20 chapters over the last four years. In 2015 we are expecting to launch as many as 50 additional LeadHer Local Chapters to encourage and equip women!

There are three main ways that our ministry is supported financially so that we can make our chapters 100% free:

Our monthly supporters This is our main source of support that allows us to continue to grow each month, planting new chapters all over the map! We are so thankful for the men, women, churches, and businesses that believe in our mission to challenge and grow women in their faith, leadership, and relationships. We are especially excited because of all of our monthly supporters – 58% of them are LeadHer members or coordinators who have been personally impacted by LeadHer and they choose to giveback so that someone else in another chapter can experience what they have! We have people that support us at a wide variety of levels each month ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Each one is precious and appreciated!

One time gifts These unexpected blessings are wonderful! We give God praise glory each time that someone feels led to support us as we plant new chapters, train new coordinators, develop resources and trainings for our members.

Our Annual Purse Auction. Our “Purse”onality with a Purpose event is the only fundraiser that we do each year. It is an auction of new and gently used purses that we collect from all over the country.

Here are the details of this year’s Annual “Purse”onality with a Purpose event:

This year we will have both a Live Auction event in Springfield, MO on Thursday night, March 26th at 425 Downtown from 7-9 PM. Then an online auction will open on Friday, March 27th and run through Sunday March 29th at 9 PM CST

There will be a huge selection of great bags, clutches, purses, and totes to bid on in each auction – so you can plan to participate in one or both!

The money that is raised from this fun event helps to provide for our ability to travel and train new coordinators from coast to coast.

pile of purses