When we first started LeadHer, I thought that we could charge a small membership fee to our chapters to help cover the costs of running and growing this ministry.  That made sense on paper.  That seemed safe and secure.  That idea only lasted a few days before it was made VERY clear to me that our chapters were to not have a membership fee at all but they HAD to be free for women to start and join.  I was driving down the highway headed to a meeting when I had what I call my burning bush moment. It was one of the few times in my life I heard a voice so clear that I felt as though I needed to look around the vehicle to make sure no one was there!

Don’t let one penny stand between women and these chapters.

Since that day we have built this ministry on the foundation of this directive… and we have done everything we can to obey this command. It is one of the non-negotiables in LeadHer… our chapters have been and always will be FREE to join and free to start.

This has enabled high school students, college students, single moms, women on a tight budget, and countless of others plug into a LeadHer Local chapter and be challenged to grow in her faith, leadership skills, and ability to connect with people around them. I once sat down with a college student to hear her testimony of how LeadHer impacted and changed her life.  Here is a bit of what she said to me;

I was in a dark, lonely place… looking for a way out of the pain that I felt, I was ready to end my life. I was actually driving to carry out my plan when a friend called to invite me to a LeadHer Local Chapter meeting.  Out of sheer desperation, I agreed to go.  She came and picked me up the next day and took me to a meeting that changed my life. For the first time, I heard that God had a purpose and a plan for my life. That he could use even my biggest hurts for his glory. I got hope at that meeting… I also got the strength and the will to keep fighting forward. I began to get more and more involved in our LeadHer chapter… which would have NEVER been possible had there been ANY cost to participate.

Hearing stories like this one fuel my passion and desire to both grow this ministry by planting more chapters so that we can encourage and equip other women (of all ages) to find and live out their purpose—and to raise the support that we need to keep those chapters 100% free for the women in those communities to participate in!

We have a strong belief that women have the potential to elevate the church and the world around them in powerful ways. The key to unlocking this potential is to show women the vast capacity that they have to influence others around them; friends, neighbors, children, spouses, sisters, and co-workers. When a women starts to see this influence she is motivated to live with intention and make an effort to impact the world around her for Christ.

The results of these women being challenged through our LeadHer Local Chapters to be more intentional has resulted in many exciting stories. We have seen members start mentoring young people in their community, we have seen women feed the homeless, clothe the needy, reach out to the lost, found organizations to encourage single moms, advocate for the sick, start new ministries and outreaches at local churches, women come to salvation, and so much more.

foundation focus


I share all of this today to ask for your help… something that we have never publicly done in our ministry. We have seen the impact that a LeadHer Local chapter can make for communities and the churches in it… we see the need to grow this organization to challenge more and more women to impact their circles of influence. We have a God-given vision to grow this ministry to have LeadHer Local chapters in all fifty states in the next five years… a goal that only God can accomplish. A goal that requires a strong financial foundation to enable us to provide resources, training, support, and teachings to all of our chapters and their coordinators. We are currently working to reach our first financial goal to enable this growth with what we are calling the 60 Day Foundation Focus.  It is a goal to raise $6500 in monthly support by August 31st to strengthen and spread LeadHer from coast to coast.  This is a goal that we MUST reach in order for LeadHer to continue AND for LeadHer to grow…

If you have a passion for:

  • Women being encouraged and equipped to impact the world around them for Christ.
  • The Church being challenged and elevated to fulfill it’s God given role in the world to spread the Gospel and grow believers in their faith as the majority of the church, is encouraged to step up and out.
  • Seeing women connect across generations.
  • Helping churches in a community connect across denominational lines.
  • The Gospel being shared with women.
  • Helping to activate women to use their God given gifts and talents for God’s glory.
  • Families impacted by active faith that leaves a legacy of trust and love for generations to come.

Then I want to personally invite you to please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of LeadHer. I can assure you that a reoccurring gift of ANY size… makes a difference and is deeply appreciated.  Please click here to visit our Support us page and learn about ways you can help us meet this 60 Day goal and if you feel led… share it online with friends and family that you think may also be blessed to learn about this exciting chance to join God’s work through LeadHer!  We have monthly options for individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses to become monthly supporters of the work that we are doing.  If you cannot commit to monthly giving- we also have a link to give a one time gift of any size that God can use in big ways to help this ministry.

Also, I want to invite you to join this Facebook group that I have set up to share the ongoing progress that we are making towards this goal so that you can lift us up in specific prayer. I will be updating this group several times a week – it is your invitation to a front row seat to watch God do an amazing thing!  Hope you will join us there.

I so appreciate each of you taking the time to read this need, pray about this opportunity, and respond as God is leading you.  May he bless you for it!

With Love,

Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director