This month, our LeadHer Local theme is Spiritual Warfare. Not an easy topic to address… not always an easy thing to recognize in our life. There are times that Satan’s attacks are direct and overt… easy to spot. However, there are other times that he works in a more subversive and slow approach to weaken the faith and strength of believers.

I want to share something that I have been pondering recently regarding this topic… a weapon that I have come to recognize recently through numerous conversations with women from coast to coast and in all age groups. It is a sneaky, subtle weapon… a word… four short letters that do great damage. The word is just… a simple, little word that weasels it’s way into our vocabulary and into our mentality-unleashing gradual and often great damage.

I often hear it inserted in front of our title or our season of life. It’s use immediately begins to subtly devalue the role that God has called us to.
  • I am just a mom.
  • I am just a volunteer.
  • I am just a teenager.
  • I am just a student.
  • I am just a teacher.
  • I am just a ______ (Fill in the blank)
I hear it added in front of a struggle or obstacle that we face which suddenly seems to give that hardship additional power- by implying that it is just too big or too hard to overcome.
  • I am just too old.
  • I am just too young.
  • I am just too tired.
  • I am just too depressed.
  • I am just too isolated.
  • I am just too out of shape.
  • I am just too broke.
  • I am just too over-committed.
I have witnessed this seemingly innocent four letter word diminishing and detouring people of faith from being obedient to God’s call on their lives.
  • I am just too busy.
  • I am just too broken.
  • I am just too hurt.
  • I am just too afraid.
  • I am just too unqualified.
There are times that enemy uses the obvious to attack the people of God- then there are times that he plants questions and doubts to rob us of our joy and peace and render us ineffective.
  • I just am not sure that God cares.
  • I just don’t know that God hears me.
  • I just wonder if there is an easier way.
  • I just can’t be sure if God has a purpose for me.
One little word. However…
It’s usage in our vocabulary often acts like an internal call to retreat instead of refusing to quit.
It’s insertion in our minds beckons us to settle instead of strive.
It’s acceptance in our heart causes us to fail instead of fight.
It’s impact on our faith causes us to worry about the path instead of walk confidently on the journey.
just.001I want to challenge you today to spend a few moments examining your mind, heart, and soul looking for evidence of how the enemy has used this weapon against you. Where has that sneaky little word invaded your thoughts and caused you to stop, settle, or surrender when God may have been calling you or challenging you?

When you discover a place that this weapon has been used against you- fight back. Use the weapons that believers have to defeat the enemy and destroy his impact on our lives:

Pray over it: Ask God to help you change that thought process and weaken the hold that it has been allowed to have over you.
Claim the promises of God: Memorize scripture and recite them when you are tempted to use this word. When you recognize the use of this weapon against you claim God’s truth and focus on it.
Develop Accountability with other believers: Find believers that you do life with and give them permission to lovingly call you out if they hear you using this sneaky little word in an area of your thoughts.