Each month our LeadHer Local chapters focus on and discuss a different topic. In November, that topic has been mentoring. Our chapters watched our Founder, Christie Love share some perspectives on mentoring in this month’s teaching video as we continued through this year’s study of #Mission365 which has been a year long study into the life and leadership of Jesus. One of the key truths that Christie shared this month was that Jesus’ ministry was built on mentoring- a model that we need to learn to follow in our efforts to steward our influence. 


At the end of each month’s teaching video- a challenge is always issued to the women that are part of our LeadHer Local Chapters. This challenge is designed to make us not just hearers… but doers- women who are active in growing and sharing our faith and knowledge with those around us. This month’s challenge was a two part one: 1) To be on the lookout for someone in your life that you can come beside and pour into as a mentor. 2) To be bold and seek out a mentor for your own life.


It has been a challenging month. We have heard from many of our coordinators and members who shared personal stories of being stretched out of their comfort zones by reaching out to others. There were stories of women realizing that they had a story and lessons to share with others and other women seeing for the first time that others were willing to invest into them. November’s topic goes to the very core and heart of what our organization is and what it means to become a LeadHer… it is about learning to see yourself as God sees you and developing a willingness to go where he calls you to go and invest in those that he brings across your path.

a leadher is...

We invite you to take time to watch this month’s teaching on mentoring or any of our past teaching videos and prayerfully consider starting a LeadHer Local Chapter in your community to help women break free of limitations and grow in their faith, leadership, and relationships!