insignificant One not-so-little word that can create a devastating impact. In the fast paced whirlwind of our chaotic lives, we all have an innate desire to hear that we made some sort of difference. We have a longing to know that our existence, our efforts and our dreams  are not a waste to the blend of actions and intentions that is our world. So it is no wonder that the enemy loves to plant the seed of insignificance into our minds. The attack is inevitable, but our surrender to this attack doesn’t have to be.

There is nothing that can stop our impact more than giving into the belief that we are too small, too unimportant, or too insignificant to make a difference.
 One of the fantastic things about our God is that He has already equipped us with the tools and resources to combat this lie. He has given us other people, and even when those other people may not live up to their calling, we always have a God on our side who is bigger than any lie.

Oftentimes however, we deny ourselves this resource. We convince ourselves that our family or friends have too much going on in their lives, that they really don’t care about us or that at the end of the day, they will only hurt us too.

Isolation is not always a direct attack of the enemy, often, it is the result of our own defensive measures.

running alone

The reality is that we were not designed to run our race alone. So why do we try so hard to earn the title of the lone runner? Is it because we feel like we don’t deserve the companionship of others? Or is it because we are too afraid to admit that we might actually need someone else. Whatever the excuse, the longer we try to convince ourselves that we are better off alone, the more victory we hand over to the enemy.

So what does running together look like? Well, as a runner- I love when others join me on my course. It is encouraging, challenging and often times much more fun to have others along for the entire process. I am always appreciative of my friends who will endure the sore muscles and breathlessness of my run with me. But there are many in my life who encourage me from the sidelines. My husband is always at the finish line to congratulate me and then feed me after my race. Even just knowing that I have friends who pray me through my running injuries, speak truth into me when my motivation for running shifts, or push me when I am grasping for an excuse not to run in the cold weather.

And still, after all of that, one of the greatest encouragements I have is that at every moment of my every run, my God runs with me.

Give others permission to run with you, pray with you and challenge you. And never forget that while it may not always be tangibly evident, God promises to never leave you, even when He has to run behind the walls you have built. Your race is too important, and you are too significant to go about your race alone.