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One way that can describe LeadHer Local Chapters is the word unique. Out of over 30 chapters that spread across the world, each chapter is unique in the giftings of the Coordiantor and in the lives and stories of the members. Uniqueness is also a characteristic of LeadHer as a whole. Chapters are made up of:

  • College students and women who have retired
  • Pastors and Business CEO’s
  • Women who serve in the military and women who serve in schools
  • Stay-at-home moms and high school teenagers
  • Women in the Baptist Church and women in the Lutheran Church
  • Those who grew up in faith and those who are seeking
  • Women in the US and women in India

And every woman in between.

Every quarter, our team prays for specific areas of the world. We rely on direction from the Holy Spirit for specific states and countries to pray over because while we know the unique needs of a culture, God knows the unique stories and names that experience the need.

Little known fact: one of the first LeadHer Chapters to launch began in Niceville, Florida. A chapter that today is still challenging and growing women in that community today. We have celebrated as other chapters have launch in Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and in other communities in the Southeast region.

But there is still room for more.

Everyday, women all over the country settle for routines because they don’t believe that God could possibly use their passion to disrupt the status quo. Everyday women listen to the lies that their mistakes and life circumstances define their future, instead of pursuing the callings on their life that exist if they believed they were in fact defined by their status as a child of God. And everyday, women pursue acceptance by the world because they do not know that they are loved and cherished by the God who uniquely designed them with a beautiful, unique purpose.

Whether you are in the Southwest region of the country, or anywhere else in the US, if God is stirring your heart, we invite you watch our informational video. Our next Coordinator Training group begins June 7, 2016 and we still have several spots to fill.


If you are located Internationally and would like more information on starting a chapter in your community, click here.