12325205_10206597715479572_457809512_nGrowing up, I was raised in the church, but struggled to have a personal knowledge and relationship with God. I knew of God, but I would not say that I knew God as my Savior. My life growing up, was a mixture of some happy moments overshadowed by many sad moments. These sad moments caused me to spend a lot of my young adult life denying God. I was a devout atheist. I was hostile, (not physically,) to Christians. While I am not comfortable putting every detail of my childhood out there, I will say this: For many reasons, I had the wrong concept of what a true man for God was. My family was a completely different in church on Sunday than in our home throughout the week, I grew up with the wrong concept of what a true woman of God was also.

My life now, my new life as a child of Christ, is much happier. It is not care free and perfect, no one’s ever is, but I have God’s grace. My husband and I both are working on our relationships with the Lord. I believe it has brought us even closer than we were before. I hope that my love for Christ can pour over into our sons. One of my biggest prayers and hopes is that all three of my boys have a deep and personal relationship with the Lord.

LeadHer has had a very positive influence in my life. It has given me the chance to reach out and connect with other sisters of Christ. I started coming to LeadHer in September, with my sister-in-law. It was shortly after my husband and I started attending the same church my sister-in-law went to and was saved after meeting with the LeadHer Coordinator of my chapter. I attended LeadHer to reach out to other sisters of Christ. I did not have that connection anywhere else in my life. I feel that some people are called to do one specific course in their life, this side of heaven, while I believe that others are called to different courses at specific times in their life. I believe that I am called to different courses at specific times in my life. At this time in my life I believe I am called to be wife and mother. God has truly blessed me with the greatest husband any woman could ask for. God has also blessed me with three wonderful healthy baby boys. I love all four of my guys so deeply. I could not imagine doing anything else with my life at this time.

Though, when my boys are all off to Elementary School then I will pursue my career as an Ultrasound Technician. My husband and I both feel that God has called us to foster children who are in desperate need of a stable home life. Though, I feel that is something that will just be interwoven into our lives. I feel that God has called us to foster older children. Which I feel is why God has blessed us with babies of our own. Some advice that I have for those who don’t know Jesus or is considering attending LeadHer, is to take that leap of faith. Listen to the Word of God, attend a LeadHer meeting. You will feel a connection like no other. I crave the connection of a relationship with a sister in Christ. While I currently have some friendships, there is always room for more! After all, we will spend eternity together on the other side of heaven.