TonyaIn 2012, I was part on a small team planning a women’s retreat at my church. We were looking for a guest speaker to address the whole group.  In the midst of the planning, I was out running errands one day, listening to the radio, on my lunch hour (because who really has time to sit, eat and relax for a whole hour, right?)  The woman was being interviewed about a ministry she started just for women. I wondered if I could get her to be our guest speaker.  The end of the interview was approaching fast; I wasn’t sure it I would catch any identifying info..Ohh, LeadHer. “That is catchy”, I thought, “Leader, Lead her, LeadHer.” I liked it right away.  I had a name and Google helped with the rest. It was a long shot but worth a try.

So, I called Christie to asked if might have time to be a guest speaker.  I was so pleased when she agreed.  She invited me to come to a LeadHer meeting. At the time, I had no idea how this one small action would create a ripple effect in my life lasting for years to come. I went to my first LeadHer meeting in July of 2012 and loved it. I left an immediate fan.  It was exactly what I needed then and now. Then, I needed to grow my faith. I deeply desired growth and community. I needed a group of people who were seeking to grow and to see the fruit of growth in others.

Now, I have a group of women who share a special connection to even if I have10277471_10152242083953323_7947390244746499276_n not yet met  them.  Being a LeadHer connects me to other women across the country despite age or denomination. We have the same heavenly Father who loves us all uniquely.  We love and serve like our Lord and Savior. We are touched, moved, convicted and molded by the same Holy Spirit.  Our common ground is the fact that we have influence in our homes, in our churches, workplaces.  In the most simple and impactful definition leadership is influence. LeadHers choose to steward influence well to impact the world around them for Christ.

So my faith continues to grow. I am not the same woman I was even three years ago, praise be to God.  I have an amazing church family and am blessed with a second family of beautiful, strong, passionate LeadHers. My invitation to anyone reading this message would be to find a LeadHer chapter in your city-plug in to what God is doing with this ministry. Let us love you, pray with you and grow with you.