10155866_10203912075615080_8162896535041992109_n 2Tina was a LeadHer member who stepped out to help start a chapter on the opposite side of town from her local chapter. Her passion for God and for what He is doing through LeadHer has spilled into every area of life, influencing bold decisions about finances and her career. Tina is a powerful example of how living out your purpose does not always make sense, but it is worth the sacrifice. Here is Tina’s story, in her own words.

As I sit here to write about my passion, it seems so small. First off let me say how much LeadHer has changed my life. A Godly place where I can go & I don’t have to be perfect….amazing! Women who want to be your friend and share your troubles, struggles, fears and joy….what????? Yep, this is what LeadHer is….my safe place.

I have been through a lot in the last six years. I graduated from college, had my dream job and made amazing money, all while raising my three sons and welcoming a granddaughter into our lives. But something was missing…so I have gone from making $18.00 an hour to $12.00 an hour- big financial change! But i couldn’t be happier.

I was recently offered a job making $15.83 an hour with decent benefits BUT….I would be gone for 6-8 weeks for training.  I did think about this job and the more I talked out loud about this new job, the more I struggled with it. Cool job, stay in a hotel, Monday through Thursday. Dinner out every night on the company, long hot baths and hot water that would not run out, working out of my home for a few months, free cell phone and new lap top; Ooooooo…..getting better. BUT. …I would miss my family, and NO LeadHer.

That was the deal breaker, I can’t leave my new chapter.  I love these women. I can’t ask my leadership team to take over, this is a partnership.  God has put these women and LeadHer in my life. I don’t know how I can change lives but all I know is my place is to be at our chapter, start the teaching video and then challenge myself and the women around me.1383377_437843436322178_825426813_n

God was missing from my life and I know that it was through LeadHer that I found Him and His plans and purpose for my life. LeadHer is where I belong. I am passionate about empowering women, giving them a place to come and cry or rejoice,  big or small, we will share them all. (Hahaha, that rhymes).
My new job is soooooo different from anything i have done before,  but it is close to home, and the benefits are great,  plus no time will be lost with my family, or from my LeadHer chapter. God is good.