Theresa is a college student who made a decision as a Senior in high school to stand out from the crowd and live for Jesus whatever the cost.

Theresa“My name is Theresa Huntley. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. I’ve never known what God’s purpose for my life was until last year. Little did I know that 2014 would be a life changing year for me.
In January, I was invited to a LeadHer meeting by Holly Madden. At that time I didn’t know a lot about LeadHer but she kept inviting me and after I put my insecurities aside, I went. The first meeting I went to they talked about getting in shape to serve God. I knew I was out of shape physically but never put into perspective being out of shape while serving God. 

After reflecting the next couple of weeks I realized I was going through the motions of serving our Almighty God. Through the next couple of months I was challenged to pray about what my purpose in this life was. What God was calling me to do. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking I was an average 17 year old, always trying to prove to everyone that I was good enough. I was completely wrong. I am a daughter of the Almighty God. I was made precious and unique. I am here to serve God and bring Him glory through everything I do. I am far greater than “good enough.” 

I faced a lot difficult times in 2014, but being along side a wonderful group of ladies that were always encouraging one another and  praying for each other; that is what changed my year. You’re reminded that you’re not going through those difficult times alone. LeadHer also challenged each of us to realize the influence and impact we were able to make in this world around us. I am grateful that Holly invited me and I encourage you to get connected to a local LeadHer chapter where you live. It will be a life changing decision!”