Terri is a mom, a mentor, and  a leader. Her passion for encouraging and challenging those in need comes not from a job title or a life long dream, it is the direct result of faith large enough to turn her pain into purpose. Read her story in her own words. 68626_10151900317364707_1529993134_n“In 2010, my world was turned upside down. My daughter was expelled for drugs in high school. I took a week off to deal with her and my emotions. I did a lot of yelling at her and crying to God. Then I did a lot of praying, and through a miracle, a Christian school accepted her. They interviewed her for 40 minutes, and when they were done, they told us we had a beautiful daughter who is a Christian and had gifts in leadership and missions who made a mistake. My heart was full of joy because the public school made me feel like she was a terrible person. Then the following Saturday, I called my son. He started by saying, “Mom, don’t be upset.” Words that still stick in my head; then he said, he was in the hospital. He tried to commit suicide, but he changed his mind after he took all the pills and called 911. He was 5 hours away, so my husband and I immediately jumped in the car. While I tried to get my son back on his feet and back into college, I have never felt so lost and disconnected from God. Both of my kids were struggling. I raised them in the church, but I felt as though God had abandoned us. Through that time, however, I discovered that He was showing me His hand in every step. Psalm 46: “Though the Earth gives way, the mountains fall into the sea…God is our Refuge and Strength an ever-present help in trouble.” It was through this trial that God surrounded me with friends who would lift me up without realizing I was struggling with depression. I was surrounded with songs that would bring me hope, and books that would challenge my faith. I found myself in a search for a vibrant faith, an unshakable faith that would stand during all trials. I discovered I had a passion for understanding, faith and a newfound love for mentoring. One day on Facebook, I saw a post about a new ladies group getting started, LeadHer. I am a NV registration (Terri)very shy person; I do not like putting myself in strange situations. But I walked into a church that was not mine and attended this new group, LeadHer. It was there that I found friendships that would continue to encourage me, I became a mentor, and learned skills and confidence to equip me to become a leader of a group of single moms I now mentor. This journey began with my lowest time. I still have those “earth shattering” moments with both my kids. My daughter is still running from God’s plan and His purpose for her, so she is in and out of trouble. My son still does not believe in God. His depression is still there. He has been hospitalized two more times since the first time. My depression kicks in at times, but I have I have stood strong through the last trials because God has held me up and I am finding peace – peace that God will always be there, peace about my kids, my depression, and my leadership abilities. I have a peace that there is something good and amazing that God will use out of this. The question you may have for me, would I go through it again? At the beginning of this journey, I would have said, No! But so glad for the things I have learned and for how far my faith has grown!”