IMG_1103Sophie is a high school student, but you would never know that just to look at her. Sophie has an incredible talent for video production, a passion for Jesus and a desire to represent Him in the midst of the teenage fandom and rebellion that has existed our society.

She was introduced to LeadHer by her mother, and since then, the two have attended regularly together. This duo is a powerful example of how LeadHer has played a role in connecting mothers and daughters together, drawing them closer and activating them to impact this world together instead of apart.

Sophie is an amazing role model to all woman who struggle with feeling like age disqualifies them from playing a part in changing this world for Christ. Here is Sophie’s story, in her own words.

“When I first attended LeadHer with my mom in the fall of 2013, I did so dragging my heels all the way because I doubted it would be something a teenager could enjoy. After several weeks of attending LeadHer, something changed. I began to enjoy it.  The teaching was something I could apply to my everyday life and the women in the group continually poured into my life.

I have been blessed to grow up in a godly home where my wonderful parents have helped me to identify my purpose and pursue my passions and dreams of making movies that glorify God. Now LeadHer is teaching me to act as a leader as I transition into adulthood and into the purpose God has called me to.

My LeadHer chapter has encouraged me supported me, and helped me to grow in my spiritual gifts and my talents. Before coming to LeadHer I didn’t realize how much of an impact I can make each and every day. Today I am growing and active in my gifts and talents while all of my fellow LeadHers cheer me on!”

Sophie created a video about her chapter, please click the link below to watch! We hope you enjoy!