LeadHer Local Cincinnati launched in October of 2012. Nyria Acosta-Pearl and her co-coordinator had responded to a Facebook announcement from a local non-profit Christian organization that expressed a need for female leaders to influence the women in the community. Passionate about making a difference, their chapter started off strong but quickly ran into challenges. They were met with a series of issues regarding their location, their meeting time and eventually the loss of Nyria’s co-coordinator. Discouraged, Nyria closed down LeadHer Local Cincinnati to pursue God’s direction and focus on His plans. In that time, she learned to embrace three powerful truths.

1. You have to know who you are called to reach and make arrangements to target that         demographic in the most effective way.

2. You have to keep your eye on the Lord regardless of the circumstances that will bring        discouragement or cause doubt.

3. You will feel uncomfortable- but there is no greater place to be than stepping out of             your comfort zone to bring the love of Jesus to those you are called to love.

Nyria shared with us that she has a “furious passion to see women’s hearts delivered and healed,” and her vision for her chapter is “to create a safe space for women to explore their uniqueness enabling them to nurture their gifts. In so doing, they will be delivered from the dry places into their green pastures and live.” In November 2013- LeadHer Local Cincinnati relaunched with the direction and mission to reach young single women. Nyria’s passion is spilling out onto her community and together with Ciara Dwyer, her co-coordinator they are Growing Women God’s Way.

Our LeadHer coordinators are the beautiful examples of LeadHers living our their passion and calling to influence their community. When we meet women like Nyria who are willing to persevere and let their passion for Christ guide them- we are left in awe of the work God does in and through them.


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