Morganne baptism 2015 (Carthage)Morganne is a college sophomore in Southwest Missouri. She is one of the most joyful people you will ever meet. She is young, passionate and chasing after the Lord with her whole heart. One of the messages we share at LeadHer is that no one is too far gone to receive love, salvation and purpose from our daddy God. Women of all ages are dramatically impacted by LeadHer and commitments are being made around the nation by women who want to use their influence to impact this world for Christ. There is something incredibly powerful about seeing College-aged adults find freedom from their mistakes, own their faith and commit to serving God for the rest of their lives. Morganne is a beautiful example of a young woman who is willing to live her faith out loud and radiate her light to those around her without fear of what others might think.

Last summer, Morganne’s family began attending the same Church that Christie Love is part of the teaching team at. Christie was able to connect Morganne’s mom to our LeadHer Springfield chapter and Morganne to our LeadHer Chapter in Carthage Missouri, only a few miles from Morganne’s college. A few weeks ago, Morganne was able to come home for a weekend and attend LeadHer Live Springfield.

She shares, “I was saved at a young age but it wasn’t really until that LeadHer event that night thatMorganne Baptism 2015 Carthage 2 I knew that I was saved and after my baptism I’ve just felt amazing and made new. LeadHer impacted me greatly, it made me open my eyes to see how much I really need God and how I was straying from him, it brought me closer to him.” Morganne gave her life to Jesus that night and the following Sunday she was baptized at Church with her parents and church family, her LeadHer Local Coordianator, and our LeadHer National team as witness . Her influence has created a ripple effect in her family and in her chapter and God is continuing to grow her and use her as she studies Nursing and pursues God with all of her heart.

Talking with her about a week or so after her baptism, she shared that she has been reading her Bible every single morning and is so excited how God continues to grow her in LeadHer. One of her prayers now is that a LeadHer Local Chapter will launch in Buffalo, MO, her hometown, to impact the community there. We celebrate this young woman and her decision and are so excited to see how God uses her!


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