Katie brought a LeadHer chapter to Seattle a little over two years ago and her influence has not only blessed us, but also everyone around her. We are inspired by her commitment and her support of the work God is doing through LeadHer every day. Read her story, in her own words.

Katie (Bothell)“At a recent meeting of our local LeadHer Seattle chapter, we started off the evening by asking our ladies to share two words to describe why they had come that night.  While the teaching and discussion we engaged in later were very positive and encouraging, it was those two words spoken by each woman that were a gift from the Lord to remind me why I am a part of LeadHer.  Words such as: community, connection, encouragement, challenge, available, seeking, relationship.
In November of 2011, the Holy Spirit guided me, a recently young-widowed woman in Seattle, Washington who was going through many challenges and changes in life, to locate a newly-birthed Women’s Leadership ministry based in Springfield, Missouri, and ultimately brought me to a LeadHer Live event in Niceville, Florida just a few months later.  As I was experiencing a more intimate relationship with Jesus, He was doing a transformative work in my life, and the mission of LeadHer, founded by Christie Love, was the perfect complement to my desire to be more authentic and vulnerable in my relationships and my desire to allow God to use me to impact others for His glory.
LeadHer Seattle was launched in October of 2012 and over the last two years I have been privileged to see God continue to use LeadHer and the relationships I have encountered and developed to impact the lives of many women as we each are being called to run the race He has marked out for us.
The two words I chose that night, people and purpose, also sum up why I have chosen to be aBothell passing the baton monthly supporter of LeadHer.  The heart of the ministry is to equip women to impact the lives of others (people) and to make a difference in the church (purpose) and as a local co-coordinator and monthly supporter, I count it as a privilege to have a front row seat to seeing lives transformed as women are being challenged to pursue their passions and live with intention.”