LeadHer Local Honolulu, Hawaii launched this month on a military base. Coordinator, Erin shared her personal struggle and journey to starting a chapter on the base her family was being relocated to.

DiCiolla Trio Honolulu HIAs a military spouse, mother, and a believer- one of the most difficult things for the past (nearly) 10 years has been the constant loss of the “familiar.” Our home, (and everything inside of it) our friends, our job, our church, ourc doctors, our daycare….EVERYTHING. Starting all over again quite frequently…alone.

I attended the LeadHer Live Event in Springfield, Missouri just prior to flying out here to Hawaii. My husband had been in Hawaii for 2 months and I was ‘camping out’ with our 2 year old –until we were able to accompany him. The Lord laid it on my heart SO strongly that starting a chapter in Honolulu was necessary.  There was a reason that was “bigger than me” for Hawaii…essentially HE gave ME a personal purpose for this move to Hawaii.

Although it took several months before our chapter came to fruition, I strongly believe that the ability to connect INSTANTLY with something familiar is fairly rare on military bases. LeadHer Local Chapters are helping to provide that. Quickly finding a group of women that gather together on COMMON GROUND, (life circumstances and spirituality) is huge!!!  Something FAMILIAR. We are praising God for how He might continue to expand the military aspect of LeadHer- and already praising Him for future growth in our own chapter and those to come! Love, Erin” 

Erin and Ria, chapter coordinators of Honolulu, HI have an amazing story as they have seen the women in their chapter already connecting on a deeper level-all sharing their personal desires and needs for this kind of community on base. However, their story has taken an interesting turn. The husbands of the LeadHer members, who watch the kids during the meetings, have been inspired to create a similar community for the men on base! On the weeks LeadHer Local Honolulu, HI does not meet, the men have been getting together to connect deeper in their faith and relationships while their wives take a turn watching the kids. Not only are the women being inspired to live more intentionally and choosing to activate change in their own homes and communities, but entire families are connecting and growing on base in the community of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

We are so excited to continue to watch and celebrate this journey and are enthusiastic to see LeadHer chapters changing lives on military bases around the globe.

If you would like to learn more about bringing a LeadHer chapter to a military base near you,
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