Written by Holly Kurtz, LeadHer Director of Chapter Development  (Connect with Holly on Facebook or Twitter)

Last week I wrote on the topic of Borrowed Hope. This theme has rung true this week in so many areas of my life and in those around me. Lets be honest, there are days that are just challenging. And there have been several of those for me this week.

If you have not already, I challenge you to read the blog post from last week. We all find ourselves in seasons where we need borrowed hope just as we all find ourselves in seasons where we have an abundance of hope to share. But the common factor in both of these seasons is the presence of friends, or as we like to call them at LeadHer, battle buddies.

One of our chapter members shared with us how this months theme on Battle Buddies rocked her to her core. Here is part of Emily’s story.

I know you are probably thinking how girl alonecould a topic like“friendship” be a hard
thing?! For whatever reason, it was hard for me. But I kept trying to move forward, thinking of Christie’s words… “Satan uses loneliness as a tool to separate us from others and make us feel unloved.” How many of Satan’s lies was I believing? Too many.

1. “Nobody Cares” –how many times have I not shared things with people because I assumed they have enough of their own stuff going on that they don’t need to worry about my issues on top of it all! 

2. “Nobody Understands” – Even though I KNOW everyone else has issues, I still assume that none of them struggle with the same things I struggle with. I believe I’m all alone in my struggle.

3. “I’m fine by myself” – How many times do I tell myself that I’ve got things under control and don’t need to burden someone else?! (back to issue #1, right?!)

Christie ended with a challenge to determine who our Battle Buddies are in life. Who are the like-minded people that we allow to speak truth into our lives and that we want to be intentional about walking with them in their struggles and asking them to be a part of our struggles. As I woman that loves getting together with other women this should be easy, right? Nope. After much prayer and soul searching I determined my issue. Fear of commitment. 

 As I went through the process of determining who I thought my Battle Buddies would be, I was afraid. I made a list of “my people” and the same two names kept popping forward on my page. I stared at them. Why was it so hard to just call them up right there? Fear of failure.

 Failure. Another big issue in my life. As a recovering control freak and perfectionist, I still revert back to a fear of failure. But, God has been working on this area in my life and once I realized this was my age old issue, I told myself a new truth that God has been teaching me. This truth is that I don’t need to know the multi-ethnic_women_holding_hands_at_beach_BLD061752outcome of things. All I need to do is walk forward in obedience. I have come to accept that we WILL fail in our friendships.  But that it is okay. We still need to put ourselves out there. So I did and when I finally told those two women they were my Battle Buddies. One simply responded with a “tear” and the other said I touched her to her core.

We cannot borrow hope without friends and Battle Buddies to borrow hope from. Weeks like this, I find myself overwhelmingly grateful that I have people who speak life into me and remind me why I continue to fight. I challenge you not to put it off any longer, reflect on who your battle buddies are and find a way to thank them today for their support and friendship. You were not designed to do this life alone and neither were they.