Written by Barbara Hemphill, LeadHer Board Chair/LeadHer Local Member. You can connect with Barbara on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Barbara Hemphill

I’ll never forget the day in March 2011 when I first met Christie Love at Panera Bread in Kansas City.  It was definitely a “God appointment!”  I was completely overwhelmed when Christie asked if I would be willing to serve on the Board of Directors of LeadHer— I agreed as long as I didn’t have to be chair.  I have to admit that during all the time I have served I have felt completely unequipped — especially when I became chair!  I am continually astounded and encouraged the vision of LeadHer being a vehicle to provide women the resources and relationships they need to be the leaders God calls them to be — whether at home, at church, in the community, or in the workplace. The personal and professional sacrifices that Christie Love and Holly Madden continually make to serve LeadHer demonstrate the power of their commitment to Christ and to women.

I love seeing the multi-generational interaction of women at LeadHer Live events and in my own chapter meeting here in Raleigh. I have grown to love women with whom I have gone to church for nearly two decades but never really knew. Our LeadHer meetings give me an opportunity to connect women with other women in the church and in the community in a way never before possible.

As a business owner, I continually cross paths with women who are struggling in soJohnston County 2015 many ways. Being able to have a place to invite women of all ages that I know need support and are seeking community, but are not comfortable going to a church service, is a wonderful resource for my personal ministry. They need Jesus, but often don’t know it. Inviting them to LeadHer is a great way for me to introduce the possibility!

Most of all, I appreciate LeadHer for what the teaching materials, and the women I meet there, contribute to my personal walk with Jesus Christ.  I look forward to the future of LeadHer, and thank God for the opportunity to serve in any way I can.


Barbara Hemphill
Founder, Productive Environment Institute
Author, Less Clutter More Life