Nashville launch 2015 3 (1)One day I was looking to start a new business venture and I needed a “new brand” or to reposition myself. I was reflecting on the previous year which had included leaving my job to pursue my purpose. As I continued to reflect, I realized I was asked to speak at various events and also I helped a few friends and associates with their speaking engagements, business ventures and public relations. Suddenly I became aware that I had surrounded myself with leaders with various professional backgrounds. My mentors constantly tell me to surround myself with people with similar mindsets and I realized the majority of the people I spoke with on a daily basis were leaders! I decided to accept that maybe the Lord has called me to leadership, not just because of my surroundings but also because of my story. What bothers me to admit, is in previous business ventures or attempts I would often ask myself how will I include God in my business instead of putting God first- the very reason I was in need to reposition myself.  So I put on my “creative hat” and  began researching and I googled words that made the er sound so I could replace er with her. So I tried several names, for example, EntrepreneuHer.  Then it dawned on me to google leadHER. So I googled it and there it was and I thought, well that’s not going to work. As soon as I started to leave the website, I decided to read a little about this organization because great minds think alike. As I read I started yelling thank you JESUS! This is it! This is it!

So then self doubt entered my mind and I called and shared my concerns with a friend who happens to be a prominent leader in my community. Well I told him to read about Leadher and that I had already requested to speak with someone to learn more about the organization and to possibly start a Nashville Chapter. Of course he laughed and said well Andrea you just started Seminary to pursue your Masters, and you’re a mother, and you are helping launch your friends church, and you’re having some health issues etc. I said yes I understand that but I must serve my purpose and this all ties together perfectly because without a doubt God is first!  I must do as the Lord has called me to do no matter what it takes. I’m not studying His Word to hoard it! He laughed and said go for it, you’re ready!

While anticipating the LeadHer informational call, self doubt reappeared and I began questioning myself. Wow Nashville is a big city and how will I get the word out? Where will I hold the meetings? I knew I had to put my trust in the Lord. I’ve been yearning for that unshakable faith in Jesus Christ. Yearning to have a better prayer life! So I prayed, and the Information call was nothing but confirmation. I was at Fisk University visiting my mom when I received the call and instead of going into her office building, I remained on the call while pacing outside. I circled the building numerous times and we began talking and praying and I began to cry. I was crying tears of joy because I was excited and knew without a doubt that this was “IT”! Thank you Jesus! I filled out the application, got my references together, spoke with my Spiritual Leaders, completed the training and here I am!

LeadHer has blessed me beyond my greatest expectations! Leadher Nashville launched in December and my relationship with the Lord continues to grow like never before as a servant. The women that support me on this journey are amazing and powerful women from all walks of life. Business Professionals, Mothers, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Evangelists, a Prophetess, a Deconess, Students, and the Girl Next Door,whatever their walk they are amazing! They are just as excited as I am about this journey and I am expecting big and bold things to unfold with LeadHer Nashville.

Nashville launch 2015

We pour into each other which creates healthy relationships. LeadHers PRAY-PARE theme for the year is definitely confirmation that this is GOD. LeadHer’s movement is exactly what we need to show this world that Jesus is Lord and He reigns forever. I’ve been humbled, and with passion and love as we grow together in our faith and leadership, I hope my story encourages you to move forward either to join our journey or to be a true LeadHer if you are already on the journey. I will leave you with one of my favorite scriptures, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, through PRAYER and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the Peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)