DFW SBS 5 2015

We get the question often, “what does a LeadHer Local Coordinator look like?” Much like any leadership position, there is no real answer. Because we believe that every woman is a leader and is capable of impacting this world for Christ, women lead our chapters who are of all ages and who come from different backgrounds. What they do have in common though is a relationship with Jesus, a passion for the women in their community, and a desire to help grow and challenge women in their faith and leadership.

Ami Evans is the coordinator of our LeadHer chapter in DFW Mid-cities, Texas.  She shares about her journey as a LeadHer Coordiantor and the impact it has had on her.

“I was invited to the LeadHer launching of the DFW Mid-cities chapter in Fall of 2012. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be something I would continue to be a part of. It was more of a support gesture for a friend. But God captured my heart through Christie Love’s teaching. He began to show me my purpose. Every meeting I would hear my very own personal message from my heavenly daddy.

The spring of 2013 became a pivotal point in ministry and leadership for me. I was doing an intense leadership class at my my church, in which we were hearing God through projects and discovery of passions and personal callings. I couldn’t shake this feeling that He was calling me to lead women. During this time, different women on my path were calling purpose and courage out of me. One day I was sitting in our LeadHer chapter meeting and the local coordinator at the time shared and asked us to pray for the available co-coordinator position. I felt excitement in my spirit say, it’s you!

I continued to pray for confirmation. I met with my local coordinator and told her what I was thinking and how I had been praying. She told me God already showed her I would be her co-coordinator. This became official in June 2013. Our chapter struggled from the beginning with change and lack of commitment of members and leaders. My new co-coordinator and I were excited about moving forward. We saw as a team God work in our chapter. Though our meeting was small in numbers, every meeting women were being encouraged and seem to be growing in their relationship with God. The summer of 2014 marked more change in this vulnerable chapter. My co-coordinator was going through some personal problems and her attention was causing her to drift away, which led to her exit.

I have been coordinator of this chapter since fall of 2014. One of my favorite moments since then was the month of October and our topic was prayer warriors. I had been doubting and discouraged about the existence and the future of our chapter. So during this month, I led the women to a time of prayer specifically for our chapter. We prayed for the future women, attendance and commitment, women stepping into chapter roles and responsibilities, and a larger meeting room at the library we meet at. I believe with my whole heart that our prayers moved God’s heart and change was around the corner.

The next month we were going to do the spiritual warfare teaching. I DF@W 2015 3posted something on my personal facebook page about this. A friend of mine saw and reached out to me that she knew someone that needed to be there and she was passing my information on to this woman. This woman sent me a text about a week later verifying information. I remember thinking she won’t show.

The morning of our next meeting as I was driving and praying I felt a peace come over me and reassurance about my position God has placed me in. I had technical difficulties that morning that caused me to run a few minutes behind. When I arrived, I realized why. I walked in the room to see every seat filled in that conference room. Not only did the woman my friend sent had come, she brought a friend. We had another visitor and a member return that had been absent. I felt so encouraged. I am trusting God here where He has planted me to use me and grow me until He says, time to go and someone else needs to fill your position.

LeadHer has been a valuable source in my life to grow and strengthen me personally and my influence of others. I am so grateful and want other women to experience what God is doing.”


If you would like to learn more about starting a chapter in your community, visit our Coordinator page on our website, or email our Chapter Development Director, Holly Madden at holly@leadher.org.