Amanda was in a serious car accident several years ago in which she received a substantial amount of trauma to her back and neck. A mother of four, she has lived with the pain in order to put her kids and her family first, but a few months ago, she found herself in so much pain that moving around her own home was uncomfortable. When picking up her small toddler became a task that was unbearable, she knew she could no longer live this way.

Months of doctors visits, painful injections, fighting the insurance companies and the denial of pain medication- Amanda had a choice to make, to keep fighting or to give up.

In May, our local chapters studied the topic of Daily Disciplines and maintaining them on our “hat days,” “rainy days,” “baggy sweater days” or simply put, the bad days.  Christie Love challenged our LeadHers to find touchstones in their life to remind them to push forward. Amanda walked away from that meeting in tremendous amounts of pain but renewed with the hope that she could make the best of her life even before the physical relief would come. She created a poster to keep in her house with goals, Bible verses and quotes to encourage her not to give up. She made goals to eat healthier, walk her first 5K, spend time reading her Bible and praying every single day and get their house ready to sell.10472856_10203986530968916_4429646285380755609_n                                                                        Amanda’s Touchstone
The beautiful thing about Amanda is that every time she comes to a LeadHer meeting, she has a huge smile on her face. Despite her physical setback, she shines the light of Jesus everywhere she goes.  Her influence spills hope on the women at LeadHer, the women in her church and in her neighborhood, but most importantly, on her children. She is an example to them of what it means to live by faith and hold onto hope when the pain of the present world seems unbearable. She is a living testimony of what God can do in and through someone committed to not giving up. Amanda is changing the world each and every day she decides not to allow her physical pain to keep her down.