baton rouge august 2015 (1)LeadHer has been an eye opening experience as it has brought together a diverse group of women and have touched us all in our spiritual walks. It seems as if each month the video teachings seem to meet us all where we are at and hit some nerves that takes us to a whole other level of understanding.  It brings us to an understanding that although we strive to live this Christian life, there are issues that impact us that we have to deal with and face in ways we haven’t even thought of.  It has caused us to see Jesus as human and to put ourselves in Jesus place so that we can learn to trust, have faith and rest. 

Often times, we as ladies are so busy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that we forget to rest in Jesus.  The lesson on stewardship was one of the most amazing topics because basically all of the women in our group looked at stewardship as being a good steward of our resources, finances and time but never dreamed of being a good steward of our word, gifts and callings; we were sitting there awestruck and the discussion in the group helped us to see just how important stewardship is.

On the topic of trust, some ladies admitted that having been hurt, trust is a really hard place in their lives and although faith and trust goes together. We have learned that trust and forgiveness really are intertwined and the fact that forgiveness, love, and trust are really choices we have to make just shows how all the topics we have discussed this year are all part of God’s amazing love and grace.

Our leader has stated that not only has she grown from the 11214089_486556794825499_6906923468277459565_nteachings, she has also been challenged in every area of her life.  She has challenged the group and we have  formed a partnership of support and are building good, deep relationships as a result of the Baton Rouge LeadHer chapter.  We are a small group right now, but we are excited about inviting others to join in and face the various challenges through the Bible scriptures and video teachings. We are so grateful for Christie Love and Holly Madden for these topics you have shared with us thus far. To top it off the relationship we are building with each other is making us better individuals and leaders in our everyday lives.


*If you would like to be a part of a empowering women as LeadHers and growing women in their faith, relationships and leadership, we invite you to pray about starting a LeadHer chapter in your community.