The impact of our ministry is evident in the stories of the women who attend our chapter meetings as they talk about how God has used LeadHer to challenge and grow their faith and leadership! We invite you to view a few of these stories as you consider getting involved in a chapter or bringing one to your community!

Carol has been a LeadHer member for years and she shares how LeadHer gave her a voice.

Sherri is LeadHer Local Coordinator who never believed she could lead a Chapter Meeting, but LeadHer gave her the courage to say yes.

Shelly is the First Lady at her Church and she shares about the impact LeadHer has had on the women in her congregation.

Angela shares how traditional Bible Study settings are not her preference but LeadHer has empowered her and given her community.

Toby survived cancer and shares how LeadHer has kept her alive.

Lynne found not only a support system in LeadHer, but a sisterhood.

Tonya shares how as a pastor, LeadHer is a place where she comes to be poured into so she can continue to pour out.

Tressa had lost her husband and was angry at God. LeadHer helped her find her way back to Him.

Joyce is a survivor of domestic violence. Her LeadHer Chapter not only provided a safe place to come and connect, it gave her the courage to move forward.

Amy found LeadHer at a time in her life where she was looking for connection with other women. Her local chapter helped her find just that!

Janelle was a newly single mom who needed a place to heal and find hope. A LeadHer Local chapter gave her that and so much more!

Stephanie had walked away from faith after a series of struggles. LeadHer helped bring her back to God along with her husband!

Raeanne was approached by a LeadHer Coordinator to see if their chapter could meet in her business. She not only gave permission – she started participating!

Ruth had recently relocated and was looking for community and connections. In LeadHer, she found that and more!