Written by

Tammy Rude, LeadHer Local Coordinator Binghampton, NY

1 John 5:14  ( NKJ) Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.  

It was like clock work. Every morning she sat in her rocking chair with the book laying on her lap. It was a book that brought life to her soul.

It was time! Time to lift up her needs to the One and Only. To the Author of the book who gives eternal life and solid promises. That was it! She had no computer to do the latest search nor other gadgets that might get in the way of hearing God’s voice.

Daily she would learn into the presence of the Lord, growing more dependent on Him, giving her the confidence to ask and believe.

I remember in days gone by curling up on the couch, pretending to be preoccupied by whatever was on the TV, but really I was watching her conversing with Him. It was as if He was right there. Sitting across from her, telling her things that brought a smile to her face or a tear running down her cheek as she listened.

Mom always set aside this special time, everyday, to go before her Father. I loved watching her sit quietly with her beautifully aging hands clasped together, eyes softly closed as she began to ask. To search. To knock.

Resting in His promises brought her strength and courage to face the unexpected. It didn’t matter if you were there for visit, this was His time and you would just have to wait!

I remember one particular morning when I asked her about these conversations she would have. Questions like…what did you asked Him? What were the things you talked about?  Then with a half grin, she told me that she had a list of names, in her mind of course, of those who needed Jesus. I’m sure I was on that list, and thankful that she didn’t give up praying because of the things she could not see.

You know, she was like the persistent widow in Luke 18, who wouldn’t leave the judge alone until her request was granted. My mom wasn’t looking for justice from some wrong doing, but salvation for those who had wandered away or still refused to see the Glory of God. She never stopped asking!

Oh, to pray with such persistent has long been a yearning in my heart. So, I was very thankful for the teaching of Pray-pare 2016 from Leadher. Their discussion on pray went deep into topics like… detailed prayers, search me prayers, send me prayers, persistent prayers, and much more.

Listening to Chrisite and Holly stirred me to move out of my comfortable prayers. To every morning, just like clock work, eagerly wanting to hear from Him.

Maybe, one day, my daughter will be curled up on the couch and witness her mother with folded hands, head bowed and a smile on her mother’s face wondering to herself…what is she asking Him?

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